Bad Camping Trip

February 9, 2012
By anthony66 BRONZE, Cheyenne, Wyoming
anthony66 BRONZE, Cheyenne, Wyoming
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In 2012 me and my three friends in 12th grade that were planning to go camping a week before graduation. My name is Anthony my friends names were Marvell, Tyrell, and Nano. We didn’t know where they wanted to go so we started asking around and someone told us that the red woods are good places to go so we all decided go there. So we all got packed and took off for the woods. On the way there we got pulled over for a broken tail light. So after that I took another two hours to get there. When we got there we set everything up; then we went to get the jet skis and unloaded them.
When we got them in the water we fired them up and drove around the whole lake just messing around, like racing and try to throw someone off the Jet Ski. After about two hours, we got back to the camp; we started a fire to get warm. Then we started cooking dinner for everyone. So we ate and then we just stayed around the camp for the rest of the night.
Nano started telling us about a girl who died up here about 5 years ago and said “that she comes back to the camp every year and starts killing anybody she sees.” She’s called the Woman in black and we all thought that he was lying because he was just telling a story.
Until that night on April 22, 2012, Marvell went to look around after two hours we heard screaming but no one thought it was Marvell until he didn’t come back that night. The next morning Anthony and Tyrell went to look for him and we told Nano to stay back in case Marvell came back. We were hoping that he just got lost and he wasn’t hurt but after a hour we thought he had died we found out he did die when Tyrell tripped over him we found his body chopped into pieces we found his arms then his legs then his body then his head and a bunch of frozen blood around it. So we ran back to camp, to tell Nano but when we got back to camp we saw that Nano had been killed. I could see someone running out of the corner of my eye I turned to see what it was all I could see was a black dress I couldn’t see who was in it, Tyrell said “Nano wasn’t lying that was really the Women in black.” so Anthony and Tyrell jumped in the car to leave but the car wouldn’t start someone had took the battery out of it. Anthony and Tyrell started to get scared, then Anthony and Tyrell ran to the Jet Skis they wouldn’t start either. Anthony and Tyrell didn’t know what to do so they started to look around for people but there was no one in sight. Anthony and Tyrell went back to camp when we got there a strong wind came through and then all you saw was Tyrell’s body fall into pieces. Anthony started running as fast as he could hoping that a car would come by when Anthony was running he heard a loud snapping sound he looked down and saw that he had broken his ankle but he didn’t stop running then the women in black threw a knife and it hit Anthony in the back he fell but he got back up and started to limp away but the women in black grabbed him and started to stab in over and over again. So Anthony, Marvell, Tyrell, and Nano never made it to graduation all because of the women in black.

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