December 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Michelangelo was a very happy boy, he ate, he jumped but what he liked to do most was dance. He would tell his friends “that his favorite dance move was the dougie.” None of his friends were up to date with all the new moves so they’d tell him, “we really don’t care if you know how to dougie or not.” He wakes up every single morning and tells the whole world, “I just wanna dance!” He stood up out of his California King bed and tells himself, “Daaaaang I feel real good today” then hops right one out of the door. He PECKED his mom on the cheek before he DEPARTS and tells her that, “he’s going to show the world his spectacular moves.” His mother, Karen, told him to “sit down first” and that he was “going to be great and he would go far.” He told his mom, “I know I will.” While STRUTTING down to the bus station he is all of a sudden pushed and pulled by two big bully kids. Michelangelo stuttered out loud telling them to “stop it”, but it was no good. They yelled at him saying that “he was never going to be a good dancer”. There final words before leaving were, “you are a gay little boy who thinks that you can dance like Patrick Swayze, but you can’t and you never will.” They finally left him alone, his heart was crushed. He said to himself, “I don’t understand, my momma tells me I’m the best dancer in the world”. He starts to get so mad that all at once he is blowing things up with his mind. He screams out loud, “I will be the most fantabulous dancer in the word.” He finally came to the realization that dancing was for squares and replaced his love for it with singing and humming. He starts to sing lyrics of his favorite song, “When I think about you I touch myself oo ooo oo” while Michelangelo wrote his parting letter to his mom saying, “You lied to me and told me I was good at dancing but I’m not, now I must go and sing my little broken heart out.” He ended up dying because he HIT his head up against a glowing ball.

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