Careful What You Wish For

February 1, 2012
By melero24 BRONZE, Everson, Washington
melero24 BRONZE, Everson, Washington
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Once upon a time, when Aladdin and Princess Jasmine were living happily ever after, the Genie decided to take some vacations from them, especially from Aladdin’s little pet and that magical carpet.

Genie had decided to go on a trip he packed his bags in a zap and headed out for Oceanside, California. On his way for a walk on the beach he found this young man troubling with his car. This guy was kicking at his car because it didn’t start. It was obvious to everyone that drove past him that he was annoyed, Genie was just watching. The guy got so frustrated he searched his car and took out a bat. Genie was on vacations but he had compassion for this guy just because he reminded him of Aladdin.

“Hello. How may I help you?” Genie said politely seeing that the man had calm down.

Roman asked in a shocking voice “You’re a Genie! Wow I’ve never seen one before. Will you grant me three wishes?”

“Why yes I will. You may ask for anything you want.” Replied Genie.

“Sweet! What about fixing my car for me?” Roman correcting himself then said “I wish that my car will be fixed.”

As soon as Genie said the magic words, Roman hopped in to his car and it starts as smooth as a new on, it even had that new car smell after Genie fixed it. Genie appeared in the passenger’s seat next to Roman. “That was your first wish. Anything else you would want?”

Roman was thinking of what he could ask for next, not everyone gets the chance to meet a real Genie. Roman though things over. Why not ask for something he always wanted, a new corvette.

Roman turned Genie’s way and said with enthusiasm. “I wish that have a brand new corvette!” Before he could blink there was a shiny black corvette waiting for Roman to get in. Roman’s dream and wish had come true. Having a nice car was all he wanted and Genie granted it for him. Roman was happy as a kid with a new toy.

This young man was never known to be greedy, he was kind and Genie knew that right away. Roman felt powerful in his new corvette, with a wish left and the contentment he felt for having his dream come true he forgot about the money crisis he had. He then made up his mind on his third wish.

“Genie, I wish that my corvette had a new surround system.” Roman said as he imagined himself cruising around Oceanside in his one of a kind car. Then again Genie said some magical words, and installed a new surround system in Roman’s corvette.

“Well it was nice meeting and granting you three wishes. But am out because I am on vacations, I just stopped by because you had troubles with your old car. Pretty sure this corvette won’t’ brake down on you.” Genie said waving bye to Roman. All Roman had time to say was thanks, before Genie disappeared like the morning fog.

Finally, Roman had one of his biggest wish come true. A corvette was all he wanted and now with the bonus of the surround system that dream got even better. Roman got into the car slowly, treasuring the moment. He reached out to open the glove box. Genie had told him that his keys would be there. Effectively they were there, but something else caught Roman’s eye. He got a hold of the piece of paper. The paper read “Monthly payments: 2,400.” Roman got what he wanted but never how he imagined it.

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