The Changing Event at the Zoo Academy

February 1, 2012
By nrogers BRONZE, Everson, Washington
nrogers BRONZE, Everson, Washington
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It’s the first day of school at the zoo academy, where everyone knows everyone, with the exception of one lonely tortoise. His name is Gregory; it is his first day at the zoo academy. Gregory is very shy and the nerdy type, so it is hard for him to make friends because no one really likes him. It is lunch time now at the zoo academy, and that means Gregory has made it through his first three classes without any problems. Gregory got his lunch and went and sat down at the first empty table he could find. This is where the problems start. The moment after he sat down a group of rhinos walks up to the table and the big one says “What do you think you’re doing? This is our table so you need to move!” Not knowing how to react Gregory picks up his lunch and sits by his self in the hallway. What he didn’t know is this was the start of a long rough year.
Finally, the last bell rang and it is time to go home. Gregory quickly went to his locker and then out to the bus. On the bus another problem occurs, he was unable to find a seat because no one wanted to sit by him. Soon enough he finds a seat, but what he didn’t realize is it was the same group of rhinos that kicked him out of his seat at lunch. Right away he knew it was not going to be an enjoyable bus ride. The whole way home the rhinos took the tortoises’ backpack and passed it around the bus. Finally it was his stop and he got it back.
For the next few months Gregory kept getting picked on by the same group of rhinos. Gregory was getting really feed up with the way he’s been treated. He told his parents what was going on but they didn’t want to listen to him. All they told him to do was to tell them to stop. Knowing that wouldn’t work Gregory walked to his room.
The next day at school Gregory stayed after even though he is a straight A student. He stayed after just because he didn’t want to have to ride the bus with the group of rhinos. So he went to his algebra teacher, which is his favorite teacher. Gregory knew Mrs. Parker could help him with his problems. So he went to talk to Mrs. Parker and told her what was going on. Mrs. Parker response was not what Gregory expected her to say. Just like his parents she didn’t seem like it was that big of a deal. Her response was they are just trying to be your friend. All Gregory could think was them giving me a black eye 3 times a week is them secretly telling me they want to be friends. Yeah right. At that point Gregory felt like no one was going to help him now. He couldn’t trust his teacher and even his own parents.
That night Gregory felt he had enough of it and something had to be done. He told his teacher there was no point in being here if no one cared about him, so that he did something that impacted a lot of people that he said didn’t care about him.
Days go by, then weeks, finally it has been a month and no one had seen Gregory at school sense he talked to his algebra teacher. Then one day after school Mrs. Parker went to her computer to check her emails, to find the worst message she could ever hear. The email reads:
We are sorry to say that Gregory the tortoise is no longer going to be around here. The night of November 11th Gregory’s body was found in his room around 9:00pmwith a note by his side. This note reads:
This is what I had to do. No one seemed to listen to me. Well I hope you hear me now but it is too late I have already killed my self. Next time you will listen and those of you, who thought you were joking around with me, were not. I hope for those who are like me never have to go through it. Sorry for those who will miss me but this is was the best thing for me.
Gregory the tortoise
To the staff of Zoo Academy, we are devastated to hear this news but now we have to let his fellow classmates know. When you tell them make sure you tell them how bad bullying can get. Gregory’s funeral will be on December 10th please show your support and attend it.
Yours truly,
Principal Harris
After reading the email Mrs. Parker wipes the tears from her eyes and heads home. That Saturday she attended Gregory’s funeral along with the rest of the Zoo Academy’s Staff and many classmates, including the Rhinos. After the funeral was over there was not a dry eye in the house. Gregory’sdeath left a huge impact on the people of Zoo Academy. No one looked at life the same. No one was bullied there ever again because if there was any sign of it Gregory’s story would be told.

The author's comments:
The underlying meaning of this story is that bullying can lead to many things, for example physical pain, depression and even death. I wrote this to show how bullying can affect many people from family, friends and classmates. One thing that caused me to write this was a week before I wrote I went to check my emails on AOL. On the news slides there was an article about a boy killing himself because he was bullied about being gay. When it was time to write I thought back to the time I read that article and thought it’s not right, no one should be treated like that. My purpose for this story was to inform people that bullying can be serious and it ruins people’s lives. We always hear on the news about a high school or middle school student killing themselves. It’s not right; people need to know the effects and consequences of bullying. That was my main reason for writing this paper.

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