The Unspoken Destiny

January 31, 2012
By Anonymous

Chapter One Part one
Long ago history
It was before time was recorded. Her name was Rose and his Leon. There love was indescribable, it thrived, and it glowed. Even on her death bed Rose loved Leon more than word could ever describe.

The deal was made, she looked at Leon. Her voice shook with the effort of talking.

“Will it work” she gasped out.

“Of course my love” Leon said. He grasped her hand as she breathed her last breath.
From that point on the spell had been set. Leon had three more wives after Rose, each falling under the spell that had been cast.

Part two

In the modern world a 13 year old girl sits in her room reading a tale of adventure, romance, and of a charming man who sweeps the girl of her feet. The girl was of average height. It was summer so her hair was strawberry blond with a hint of golden brown. In the fall that was coming soon she would just be a golden brown but let’s not think about that right now. Let’s instead focus on the fact that she has stood up and her eyes had just changed. This was an ordinary girl yes but like many people her eyes changed. They were green before but now they were gray. She looks out her bedroom window to the beautiful lake across the street. The surface shimmers and flickers. She sighs looking at the beauty and wishing that she could be that beautiful. She sighed again in annoyance. She walks over and picks up her house phone, she dials his number. After two rings he picks up.


“Hey Thomas?”


“It’s Elizabeth!”
Their conversation carries on saying things like I love you and such but let’s not dwell on there conversation instead let’s go to a different realm called the bridge between heaven and hell. There a couple sits holding hands even after all this time. Rose looks at Leon.

“The time has come my love.”

“Yes I will pay a visit the boy when I can, you send the guardians.”

And so after all this time the spell was still in action. Time is of the essence for our characters but unfortunately they know nothing of the master plan at work. Let us hope that this plan to say the word may work…

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