The end of the barnyard

January 31, 2012
By sterk13 BRONZE, Sumas, Washington
sterk13 BRONZE, Sumas, Washington
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The barnyard had become a corrupt place. Every decision was passed through the almighty prophet, brown cow. He predicted all happenings within the barnyard and because of that all of the barnyard animals took his word as gold without doubt. Only one barnyard animal didn’t have belief in the brown cow’s predictions. His name was Sparticus, a large black horse that did not follow common judgment. He was not well respected around the barnyard because of his disbelief. It would be found later that his judgment was found better than the almighty brown cows.

It was said that every animal in the barnyard would cease to exist in the near future. Common belief was that in 364 days every animal would be wiped off the face of the barnyard, as predicted by the almighty brown cow. He was said to have known all. The brown cow spent night and day in his stall crunching numbers, developing ideas and predictions for substantial occurrences. Shortly before he disappeared, he developed a formula that would predict the end of the barnyard. He found that by multiplying the demonic number 666 by itself and doubling it giving him the number 887112 and combined with knowledge from ancient scripture meant that the barnyard would end in exactly 364 days. When he found this his mind was blown. He presented this information to the animals of the barnyard and mysteriously disappeared the following night.

Out of fear all of the barnyard animals took action, planning for a way of protection when that fatal day was to come. All animals prepared except for the black horse, Sparticus. When the other animals realized this they were astonished. They all asked Sparticus; “Why are
you not preparing for the dooms day that was predicted? You are ignorant and dumb to believe that you will be alright with no plan or protection.”

In response Sparticus replied; “I’m neither dumb nor ignorant. I only wish to continue living life as I have in my previous years in the barnyard, worry free. Just because it has been predicted that we will all be doomed does not make this true. If this is truth I will be happy and satisfied dying on the 364th day as predicted.”

The other animals refused to think like Sparticus for he had no powerful position in the barnyard therefore he could not be right. While they were all frantically preparing for tragedy Sparticus lived happily and content with his life, peacefully grazing each day.

Finally the day had come. It was the 364th day, the barnyard was silent, the sky was just a haze of clouds and there was fear in the air. The barnyard appeared completely vacant with the exception of Sparticus who was grazing out in the fields as if it were a normal day. The other animals had spent the last 363 days preparing an underground cove that they could hide in to protect them from the destruction that was said to come. There was the booming of thunder in the distance and suddenly it started to pour down rain non-stop. Sparticus calmly walked back in the barn in order to stay dry but this rain caused chaos in the cove. It had started to leak and fill up with water but it was so packed with animals that no one could escape. The rain continued leaking into the cove throughout the rest of the day to the point where the it was nothing but an underground reservoir of water and dead carcasses, and yet Sparticus remained alive and well above ground in the barnyard. As he went out to graze the sun peered through the clouds. It was a new day.

The author's comments:
I had never written an allegory before and we studied them in class which pushed me to give it a shot

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