January 31, 2012
By MissMaddie BRONZE, Bray, Other
MissMaddie BRONZE, Bray, Other
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"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”
― Audrey Hepburn

It was cold, freezing, the wind blew with such rage I was surprised I hadn't been picked up off the ground. The Trees roared, bending in all directions, almost dancing. I hugged my coat tighter around me hoping it would make some sort of difference, but I still continued to shiver. I tried to pass times by counting the leaves which fell off the trees but I was still nervous, still shaking. My breath hitched in my throat with every car that passed but none of them were him. The wind blew stronger and soon the black clouds began to burst. The heavy rain was soon hammering down on me. I jumped, looking around for somewhere to hide from the rain but I was surrounded by thin trees. I was soon drenched to the skin, I was sure to get a bad cold, maybe even pneumonia but I didn't care I had to get the package, I had to wait for him. It was when the thunder crashed that I was ready to give up. I walked out from the tree to the narrow isolated road, when I saw him. He was tall and burly, covered in scars and bruises. He was wearing dark denim jeans and a black leather jacket one size too small. Wide black sunglasses covered his eyes so I couldn't see his eyes, but why would I need to, this was all business, all private. I took another step towards him as he pushed himself off the hood of his car and slowly walked past me towards the secluded forest. I followed, as I had done so many times before. When we got to what seemed to be the heart of the forest he turned to me. Without one word he passed me the small brown package and I passed him the envelope, then he was gone. I walked through the forest until I was once again at the road. The car was gone, I was alone. I walked home, the package in my hand a heavy unwanted weight. I felt the same guilt each time but I continued to do it otherwise. I continued the thirty minute walk home in silence trying everything to distract myself from the package. I couldn't feel the rain anymore, nor could I feel the cold. I was numb. By the time I got home it was dark, the lone streetlight flashed on as I opened my front door. The lights were off in the hall but I could see light streaming under the door of the living room, I walked in and saw her draped across the sofa. She looked so fragile as if she could break at any minute, her skin was so pale her eyes so bloodshot. I opened the envelope and placed the packet beside her, she smiled. This made her happy. She ripped open the packet of white poison and I left before I witnessed anything else. Closing the door I took a deep breath, keeping in my tears.
“Goodnight mum.”

The author's comments:
Its Just something small that I wrote a while back I would love some honest feed back.

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