February 5, 2008
By Priscilla Caudle, Cullman, AL

Sarima was running through the forest of Blackwood, trying not to get caught. For she Sarima, was a beautiful most powerful witch in all of the land and King Neptune a most hated king wanted her dead. For the person who kills a witch or warlock gains their power. You see King Neptune wanted her power to take over all of the lands.

Sarima came to an sudden stop and said “presto mal for” which turned Sarima from a beautiful brown eyed girl with long hazel nut hair, to a most deathful looking old lady, with skin as wrinkled like a wrinkled up noodle. She did this, because the army of King Neptune, was coming on horses close behind. Then Sarima casket another spell which caused a little cottage to appear. Sarima hurried inside and closed the door.

Demetrius head of King Neptune’s army; whom was a powerful sorcerer with dark skin like a puddle of the blackest mud. With five long braids of hair coming from his head like snakes, with ribbons hanging from the ends. Demetrius came upon the cottage and said fustily a spell that threw the cottage doors open. Then he walked inside and asked “Miss what is your name?”

Sarima replied “My name is Old Lady Ann.” she did not tell him who she was for the fear of being caught and killed.

“Well Old Lady Ann have you seen a most powerful witch running threw out these forest?” Demetrius asked.

“Why Dreary I have not, I’m sorry.” replied Sarima.

“Well if you do please tell her that her lover Avaric is in the hands of King Neptune himself, and if she doesn’t show herself at his castle by midnight” which was only one hour away “her love will be killed!” Demetrius said in a very frightening way. Then without another word Demetrius said “lift upon de dance” and they were gone like a shooting star.

Sarima sat there and thought about if for awhile, but time was running out it was a quarter now to twelve, and she finally decided that she must go to save her lover, Avaric.

She reaches King Neptune’s deathful looking castle at ten minutes till. Sarima hurried and said a spell that changed
Old Lady Ann back to the beautiful most powerful witch, Sarima. Sarima was dressed in a soft yellow satin dress with the most exotic jewels found in the waters of the world. She had on soft yellow stain high heels that matched the dress perfectly. Her long hazel nut hair was curled with some up and some down which made her look like she was going to a ball. Her tanned skin, soft as a rose petal; looked more vibrate than ever before. She then said “Clip so mal dungeon!” which made a portal open up to
King Neptune’s dungeon, she stepped through and yelled
“King Neptune, its me you want not him so let him go!”

King Neptune replied with a smirks smile on his face, “Yes indeed you’re here, he may go.” So Avaric was running to Sarima, but just before he made it, King Neptune cased a spell, which left the boy falling to his death.

Sarima was very angry and sad now then yelled “I’d hate to do this, but….” she paused for a minute then continued
“La for you shall die!” Which she said pointing to Demetrius; then Demetrius great and evil sorcerer dropped dead.

King Neptune shouted out “Noooo!” This spell had taken a lot of energy from Sarmia and she knew she need to get out of there fast, before King Neptune realizes that she is weak and has the best opportuned to kill her or well try to. So she whistled, then Zenna; a beautiful purple green fire breathing dragon; crashed through the dungeon walls. Zenna picks up Sarmia.

Then Zenna said “Lets get you out of here!”

Sarima yelled at King Neptune “ I will be back for you King Neptune, I will be back to get you!” and with that Sarima rode off flying into the night on Zenna back.

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