Carter's choice

January 24, 2012
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Being a teen was hard enough. As Carter sat in the car on the way to their new home in North Carolina, her and her sister Emma couldn’t help but wonder why. Why were they moving? They liked Seattle. The city life was more there style anyway. Well at least Emma would miss it. Carter didn’t mind getting away for a while. To take a breather, relax.

There mother still lived in Seattle with her new husband and their father Charlie decided it would be best to move to North Carolina. But still the questioned lingered, why? Jane and Charlie separated about 5 years ago. It was tough but the girls got through it. They always stuck together only being one year apart, Emma 16 and Carter 17. They were always together. Carter’s best friend was her sister. And now with everything changing she is not sure where to turn.

“I think you two will like it here” Charlie announced from the driver’s seat.

Carter and Emma exchanged a quick glance to each other and rolled their eyes. Carter was sitting in the front seat as usual due to her incisive need to control the radio. Emma didn’t mind the back seat anyway. Charlie proceeded to go on ignoring the girls.

“It’s very quiet and peaceful here by the beach and when you go into the town it’s very quaint but I made sure I picked a place we all would enjoy. So there are things to do I promise. Emma there is a lot going on much like in the city for you and I. Carter the house is a ten minute drive from all that. We have a nice house right by the beach, beautiful view where we can watch the waves roll in and relax. Everything will be fine. I promise.”
Carter said nothing she just stared out the window not minding the change. Charlie didn’t have to convince her. But her sister, that would take work. The ride was long and Carter began to feel even more tired than usual. Her sister slept most of the way but something inside Carter kept her awake. Her body felt exhausted but her mind was racing. She didn’t want to miss a moment.
Staring out the window looking at the ocean she knew they were close. She was excited for the change but knew it was only for her benefit. She loved Seattle just as Emma did but nothing was keeping Carter there anymore.
She loved sports. She was outgoing, funny and smart. Most saw her as very beautiful with her long brown hair, blue eyes and skinny figure. She loved hanging with the guys because it suited her more. She was a star athlete in basketball and lacrosse. But now all of this was behind her. She did not play anymore and that was no longer her life. Why? That was a question she asked every day.
Carter saw the house as the pulled around the bend. It was a beautiful white house by the beach with a great rap around porch. She thought to herself that this housed looked like something out of a magazine.
“Emma wake up were here” Carter said shaking her sister to get up
“Well Girls this is it, isn’t it beautiful? There’s a ton of privacy and were right by the water so we can go swimming whenever we want” Charlie paused as they pulled into the driveway. They all slowly got out of the car taking it all in “so what do you thing?” Charlie said casually looking at both of his girls.
“Maybe it won’t be that bad, its ok I guess.” Emma answered.
“Well dad you really out did yourself here its amazing thank you.” Carter couldn’t help but smile. She couldn’t believe the view. It was summer time and the water looked so beautiful. The waves were rolling onto the beach, crashing into rocks along the way, holding the reflection of the sun in its grasp.

She knew her sister was being polite because that’s what she wanted. But Emma found this more difficult and Carter new it.
“You really ok about all this?” Carter asked her sister as she grabbed her arm walking slowly behind their father.
“Yea I’m fine, don’t worry about me I’ve got it all under control.” Emma responded
“Oh really”
“Whatever you say”
“I’m fine Carter, I promise”
Carter stopped where she was and looked at her sister trying to find a hint of truth in her expression. Finally giving up for the night, she took her sisters arm once again and linked it with hers and said “ok.”
As Carter walked around the house she pictured it as if she had lived there her entire life. All the memories she would have made and the life she would have had. Emma quickly picked out her room first and Carter did not mind. She walked into her room and took a look around. The room was a decent size but the size was not what caught her eye. She immediately saw the French doors which lead out straight to the beach. She was immediately captivated by the view.

Lately Carter has not felt like herself. She has felt something inside her completely turn on her. She had no control and frankly no idea as to what it was.
Moving away was something Carter wanted for some time now. Her everyday life just didn’t seem to be enough for her anymore. She needed a change. It was almost as if something tragic had happened to her and she couldn’t help but grieve every day. But of what? This she did not understand. All she wanted was to understand and she knew everyone around her did as well.
Emma loved her sister without a shadow of doubt. She was unhappy about the move but knew this was what her sister needed.
Carter stood in front of the window staring at the water when her sister came in
“Hey love, so do you like it?” Emma asked waiting for a response.
“I do, even though you took the bigger room” She said glancing up at her sister with a smile.
“I know I know but this room leads right to the beach and I knew you would want that more than me. Besides that room has a bigger closet and you don’t need that as much as I do.”
Carter couldn’t help but smile and nod in agreement with her sister.
“Carter can I ask you something?”
“Sure what’s up?”
“Are you alright, truly?”
“Right now Emma I feel fine but honestly I don’t know. I can’t explain it, if I could you would be the first to know but I just can’t. It’s almost as if something inside me is breaking and I can’t do anything to stop it or try to fix it. If I could change how I feel I would but I don’t know how because I don’t understand it myself. I just needed a change. A knew start away from all those people and the noise and the pressure I felt on a daily basis. I just need time.”
“Well one thing is for sure you have quiet out here. I think there is nothing happening out there as we speak so this is the place for you.”
They both smiled at each other they started to laugh. Emma walked over to her sister and rested her head on her shoulder while they both stood silently looking out the window. Carter knew she had a long road ahead of her and was not sure where this road would lead her. All she knew was she needed to figure it out on her own. She needed this fresh start more than anything and now all that was left was time. She did not know what to do next but she did know that she had nothing but time to figure it out.

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