Dear Diary

January 22, 2012
By EarthAngel GOLD, Akeley, Minnesota
EarthAngel GOLD, Akeley, Minnesota
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Dear Diary: Day 1,285

I need to go. Somewhere. Anywhere. I’m feeling strange. I need to go where no one knows my name. Be a normal person. Be average. I need to stand out for myself. That’s all for today.

Dear Diary: Day 1,312

Ran over a chicken today. The smell was so revolting I just left the stolen car by the side of the road and hitchhiked. Met a wonderful couple. I felt bad about stealing their money, but they wouldn’t know for another couple of hours anyways. I thanked them as I drove off. I surely hope they can survive the night in the desert. That’s all.

Dear Diary: Day 1,314

Got in a tad bit of trouble today. Some man recognized me from the school I went to as a child. I swear, the only thing keeping me sane, is being insane. Accepting it. He didn’t remember me after what I did. Hopefully tomorrow wont be as physically challenging as it was today. I like mind games more than running all the time. That’s it for today.

Dear Diary: Day 1,333

I feel like a child when writing ‘dear diary’. While filling my gas tank, I saw an awkward young female come out of the gas station. I could tell that she stole money. She must have been fired today because she was wearing a company nametag. I went up to her and asked her how she did it. After a series of events, I decided to let her tag along. She quickly became annoying and was asking too many questions. I pulled the car over but before I asked her to exit, she pulled a gun out at me. Oddly enough, I did not notice it before. She said “You’re not the only one with secrets.”. This intrigued me to let her stay for a while longer. Today was fun.

Dear Diary: Day 1,335

Poor Samantha tried to rob me. I quickly rounded up my remaining belongings and met her at the station. I chose the seat next to the seat she would most likely take. She seemed surprised when she saw me. Odd, considering of what I’ve told her. I detected a middle aged man staring at Samantha. She hasn’t been telling me what I needed to know. I knocked out the man and threw Samantha and myself out of the train right before it exploded. At last, I have found excitement in my life. That’s all for today.

Dear Diary: Day 1,338

Samantha tried to leave again in the night. I followed her to an abandoned house in Bwernsville. She talked to a man, who, to the striking similarities, seems to be her brother. She gave him her cash and more talking perused. Soon enough, he drew out his gun. Before she had time to react, I shot him. I was proud of myself. I had to measure it to see, but it was a dead bull’s-eye. Of course Samantha didn’t take this very well, so I had to remind her who just saved her. Youth. They can just be so simple. That seemed to be all that was important today.

Dear Diary: Day 1,347

We drove most of the day. Samantha was restless the whole time. Very irritating. When we stopped to get gasoline, I was studying a young, brunette woman from afar. I knew she knew I was staring at her by her body language, yet she did not look my way. I came over to her and even summoned up some charm, yet again, she didn’t look me in the eye. I directly asked her about it, but before she could reply, Samantha put the lovely lady into a headlock and held a gun against her head. I calmly asked Samantha to stop but I knew she would kill her. The unexpected happened. The beauty kneeled over, twisted and broke Samantha’s left arm, and threw Samantha over her. I never saw something so elegant. I asked her is she could travel with me. She looked at me in the eyes and agreed. She had rare, amber-green eyes. We left Samantha there. That’s all for today.

Dear Diary: Day 1,465

…Alice is so much trouble and fun, yet, I feel empty. I feel we should slow down. I will soon ask Alice to marry me. Hopefully we will still have fun though. Where ever we go, it seems to be home because she is with me. She is my home. These odd feelings I will surely never tell her. I hope that’s enough for her to love me back. That’s all.

Dear Diary: Day 1,691

…Alice has secrets. She tells me things in her sleep. I never have fear, but I can’t help but to feel afraid for her. We can’t run forever…

Dear Diary: Day 1,712

Alice hasn’t come home for a couple of hours now. Our house is eerily quiet. I am writing to keep my mind off of it. She shouldn’t be alone. I shouldn’t have let her go alone…

Dear Diary: Day 1,713

Alice came home. In a box.

Dear Diary: Day 2,441

I found the one-eyed man. He will endure hell tonight.

Dear Diary: Day 2,621

My mind is slipping. I am not in control. What I did to the one-eyed man wasn’t enough torture for him to feel what I felt. There is no one like me. Every person I pass, I think about their death and who will die around them. It would just be easier for me to end their life. I could stop their suffering before it starts. At least it will keep me busy. Maybe this is my true potential. No! I mustn’t think this way. I have nothing to do. Read, write, experiment. This is all that I do. There must be more.

Dear Diary: Day 2,964

I have found the answer. I am going home. Such a drab way of saying, eh?

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