Take Me To Wonderland

January 17, 2012
By Anonymous

I want to fall down the rabbit hole. I want to chase the rabbit while he whimpers about being late. I want to escape it all only for a little bit. Sometimes I want to go somewhere, where no one can find me, and have tea with the mad hatter, and play croquet with the queen of hearts. I want somewhere where I can escape my problems, and come back when I feel. Well what do I feel?? I feel tired…..of always trying to be perfect for other people, and yet my efforts remain unappreciated and unrecognized. I feel upset that no one cares to ever wonder how I feel, to ever care to know that deep down, behind all the smiles and laughter, there’s a girl who cries, who feels hurt, and betrayed but most of all lonely. I feel upset that people continuously take advantage of me, and never show appreciation, and I’m tired of competing with myself. I’m tired of bringing myself down, because of what I think others think about me. I’m tired of settling for second best, because I know I’m worth so much more. I know that I don’t have to settle because I can excel, I just have to stop criticizing myself. I feel torn, and melancholy, but I feel hopeful and optimistic. I feel lost, in a sea of people, being a small fish in a very large ocean. I feel it all becomes too much, and that’s when I become Alice. So let me be, let me chase the rabbit and fall down the rabbit hole, but just for a little while, and let me dance with the hatter, and regain my strength, let me get advice from the caterpillar. So whenever you feel like I do, come with me and let me take you down the rabbit hole.

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