Enough Confidence To Last A Lifetime

January 17, 2012
By Erin Saflarski BRONZE, Wheeling, Illinois
Erin Saflarski BRONZE, Wheeling, Illinois
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“ Sweat dripping down my face as if I were in a sauna, the team huddled close together grasping on to each and every word that came out of Mr. Levine, our YMCA basketball coach and my beloved father’s, mouth. ‘Only a couple minutes left on the clock boys, let’s make ‘em count!’ My father bellowed. ‘Let’s go! On three,’ ‘One, two, three, Let’s go!’ And like a shot, our team scuttled out onto the court, our red jerseys dispersed between the opponents’ green ones. The squeaks of our shiny brand new basketball shoes were music to my ears. Although I was only six years of age at this moment, the competitive spirit and drive was overwhelming me. I wanted to win. I wanted to win more than anything else in the universe. Swish! The ball glided through that beautiful red and white hoop with nothing but net. ‘Point red!’ the referee exclaimed.”
“With thirty seconds left on the clock our teams were tied 7-7. My heart was in my throat. Burning with anticipation, everything seemed to move in slow motion. The only sounds I heard were the muffled hoots and hollers of the crowd. When all of a sudden the ball landed in my hand. I was only feet away from the net with two seconds to go on the clock. I closed my eyes (probably not the greatest idea when playing sports, but at six years old I didn’t know any better) and shot. When I opened them I was being mauled by all of my teammates ‘I’m so proud of you son!’ my father screamed to me while embracing me so tightly I thought I would have burst. And there it was Visitors-7 and Home-8 in bold scarlet lettering. I did it. I made the winning basket. The YMCA championship game and I was the reason why we won. I was filled with all the confidence in the world at that very second. I felt like I was invincible, like I could accomplish anything. And from that incident on, I believe that is the reason why I became so successful in the music business. I never gave up. I was confident in everything I did and although I did finally realize basketball wasn’t really my niche, music inspired me. Of course I wouldn’t have known this at six years old, but I do owe the reason why I am the lead singer in Maroon 5 to that infamous day in that old YMCA gym where I found all the confidence I could ever need for a lifetime.”

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