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January 26, 2012
By michael ovenitsky BRONZE, Flushing, New York
michael ovenitsky BRONZE, Flushing, New York
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The year is 2012 it’s the dystopian era of the world. The ancient Mayans

predicted that the world would be under water this year this date BEcause

of global warming its true.We’re in an under water dome made by the

United States with 1000 people from each country and have there own

section of their dome. All the land is filled with water and all we’re living of

is grass animals and fish oh wait the last animal just finish.

My name is Bronn, Jacob Bronn, and I’m a survivor of global warming.

When as a little boy they told me to recycle I laughed in their face, when

they said this would happen I ignored it. Now I’m in hell I dream of a time

when we al could go outside and have fresh air.

President Obama became king. we had a vote everyone thought cause he

made this dome and saved everyone’s life that we owed him. He went up

against me and I thought I was going to win. The vote was clear though he

became king but only cares about himself his family and his friends and

punishes people that he doesn’t like.

The punishment of the dome was that you get kidnapped then tie you in a

room with a black mask and ask you your biggest fear if you didn’t give it to

them you got beaten till you die of lose of blood or of internal bleeding. If

you gave it to them you’re an idiot cause they used it against you and your

as good as dead. I was supposed to be king I would’ve been a good leader


One day my friends and I went to the hang out. We’re talking about how unfair Obama is so my friend Julian said hey your next in line cause you

were runner up in the election you’ll do what’s right we should kill Obama

and all good will come. My friends jack and Jordan and I agreed. We

brought guns from the secret society of brothers and we planned the

mission to kill Obama.

Two weeks later everything is going according to the plan I’m in the Arab

part of the dome and Obama is giving a speech. Jordan is in the crowd

with a pen gun, I’m with a sniper in a house and jack is under cover with

the services to protect king Obama so we have an inside man and Julian in

the hide out waiting for us. Everything was good I was about to pull the

trigger but then 50 men came to the house I was in they had Jordan in

hand cuffs and jack was putting me in handcuffs. Jack was a traitor none

of us saw it coming. Jack worked for Obama the whole time. We get

knocked out.

I wake up in a dark room jack and Julian was next to me we were all tied

up in a chair and king Obama is in front of us. He started talking saying, “

who do you think you are and what do you think your doing. I have all the

power in the land I can kill you and no one will notice your gone.” I looked

at him and spit in his face. After that I just closed my eyes and waited for

Obama to kill me. He let me go and just said I’ll be watching you. Know I

just sit in my house miserable and depressed. I sit in my house trying to

think of ways to kill Obama so I can become king. Next time you see a sign

to recycle or to buy a hybrid cause it will save the earth do it or you’ll end

up like me.

The author's comments:
this is what happens if you don't take global warming seriously

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