Fate Changing Choice

January 26, 2012
By DragonRider1231 SILVER, Potosi, Missouri
DragonRider1231 SILVER, Potosi, Missouri
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The moon lingers over the freshly snow cover hills as we ran with exhilarating thrills. It is something most of us will not see but I shall describe it to you. We run as fast as we can to get away from Fate. Fate is something everyone has to face even though they do not want to. Your Fate changes depending on the choices we make. Once you make the choice to run there is not going back… If you do not, your Fate will consume you and leave you in the darkest of corners crying for minutes, days, and maybe even years. When I first found out what my Fate was I only found pain, heartbreak and nothing left for me in that life. Here is my story before my decision to run.

It was a bright winter morning and all of my family members were home. I went outside to check on the horses out in the back pasture. (My older brother went over to his friend’s house for the week but that really did not matter.) When I was heading back up the hill and through the garage door, I heard a glass-shattering scream then a loud crash. Most people would have run inside and broke down into tears. I did not instead, I snuck into the downstairs door and hid next to the stairway that lead to the big dining room I knew who they were after but they would not find her. I know the identities of these killers too. They are vampire assassins sent to kill the last of our bloodline.

I quickly stepped into my old room and quietly closed to door. I grabbed a flashlight, the family swords, wands, cloaks, armors, and a book that mom said to open in an emergency. All of this has been passed down for generations and I hoped it would come in handy. I needed a few more things, but they are in my hiding spot under my bed (well it is really under the house). It has been there ever since I was born. Mom told me it was only there for my use. For some reason my cheeks grew warm then cold again. Tears came down is sheets as I moved my bed and stepped on the unusual spot underneath my bed. Instantly, I went down a shoot. When I stopped, I was in the dark. I flicked my flashlight on and stepped over to my computer. I touched the screen of my computer and told it to seal the shoot and open the escape tunnel to the power lines (so I would not have to run through a lot of woodlands.

Quickly I turned around and saw someone in the shadows. To the one in the shadows I asked, “Friend or Foe?” She said she was a friend. Good thing I took my computer chip out of it and said we needed to leave. Putting my things in the duffle bag already filled with things then out it around me. I asked if she was going to come with me and she said no in a ruff voice. Her green eyes met mine and they felt so familiar. I nodded then ran through my escape tunnel.

I chose the run. Now, I am still running and hiding. The reason you already know. However, when you chose to run from your fate, take something or someone with you or you will be all alone crying with out a shoulder or a friend.

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