Hide or Be Found

January 26, 2012
On that day of that night everything changed for Lisa, but let us start from the very beginning of the problem. It started on that day in which Lisa’s mother married George, ever since then he has hit Lisa, her mother and her little brother. Lisa would always come to school with bruises and cuts, though no one ever noticed. She was invisible, invisible to everyone except to the one she wanted to be the most invisible to. One day while coming back from school and work, dark clouds started to cover that bright sky. Lisa wondered if there was going to be a storm because she saw that on the news it was supposed to be a bright day.

While walking home she had a dreadful feeling, then again she might have confused it with the bruise she had on her back. When she got to her house it was too quiet. When she opened the door, a hand immediately covered her mouth. Lisa tried screaming and pulling away, but it was no use, she was just too weak. The worse problem is that she was far away from any help. When she turned around to see who, it was it was her worse fear, George, but something was different from him. He had this wicked smile which sent chills down Lisa’s spine.

He then carefully took her to a room which was underground. Everything was so dark that she had trouble climbing downstairs. Then all of a sudden a light turned on. It took time for her eyes to adjust. Then he tied her to a chair. When she turned her head she saw her mother and David, they were also tied down. You could tell her mom was beaten so many times. When she saw her younger brother, David, you could tell he was completely terrified, and then she heard
George say, “Now, everyone we are here reunited in family to have some fun. So my idea was to play hide and seek. So……..any objections?........Alright then these are the rules, 1. There are no rules.”
Lisa had no idea what was happening. But then George untied her, her mother and David. She then turned around and with the chair knocked him out. She then grabbed her moms and brothers hand, and started to run. Though soon her mother kept falling behind. Lisa then turned around and told her, “Don’t stop; keep going. Please?” Her mother in response replied, “Go Lisa. Take your brother with you and just go. Just leave me behind.” Lisa then started tearing up.
Her head was spinning, but then everything stopped. A hand came out of the darkness and grabbed her mother’s mouth. Her mother was about to scream but a knife slit her throat. Blood was splashing all around, and a lot landed on Lisa. Then George started started to walk towards David. David stood still, he was paralyzed. Lisa then pushed George and grabbed David. She then started running as fast as she could but soon she had to stop, she could no longer run. Then all of a sudden rain started pouring and stinging Lisa’s face like needles.
She looked at David but it was as if he was in another world. She could no longer hold it, she bursted in tears, crying and yelling. Then, out of a sudden, a small hand touched her face. It was David, he was back. Then he said, “Don’t cry sis, it’s going to be okay. Kay?” All she could do to response was say yes and hug him, but all of a sudden a voice came out and said, “Aww, the game is soon going to end, and to think that you would of lasted longer.” Then David started running towards George and Lisa tried to pull him back but it was too late. All she could see was scarlet, that scarlet which was her only hope.
Then George said, “So, Lisa since you’re the finalist, I’ll let you get a 15 minute start……so start running!!” And that what was Lisa did although it broke her heart. After, many hours of surviving, emotional and physical pain, thoughts of why to live, sobs and fights she finally got to a police station and spilled everything. She then started crying, the whole police station didn’t know what to do. “You could tell that she had gone through so much. It breaks your heart to see a teenage girl to have to go through something like that,” said a policeman that heard everything. Soon George was caught, but when he saw Lisa, a wide smile came out and he said, “Hide and Seek is not over yet.” He then started to laugh like he had never done. This sent not only chills down her spine but also sent great pain to her heart.
Later, she had to be put in an orphanage because she had no living relatives. Even after a month she remembered everything, even every word. The hardest thing was the funeral of her mother and brother, she had such a hard time to say bye. Soon after 8 months she was packing on a rainy day to go to her new family. She looked out and saw the rain, she got chills down her spine. It was exactly like that horrible day, but she reminded herself about that locket that calmed her down so she touched her heart but it wasn’t there, that heart locket of how her family was before he even came. She then ran back, looked for it crazy but she couldn’t find it. Then all of a sudden a menacing voice came out from the darkness and whispered, “Found You.”

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Lena K. said...
Feb. 2, 2012 at 3:11 pm
This is really good, the only thing I have to say about it is you have to try telling this story from Lisa's point of view. It would sound so much more better. Like, 'Everyday I go to school, a new bruise on my cheek and a few cuts on my arms and legs. But no one seems to notice. I feel as if I am invisible. Invisible to everyone else but the one I want to be most invisible to.' Hope this helps. :D
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