A State of Mind

January 25, 2012
By Anonymous

(Penelope Tolliver is a beautiful actress whose philosophy is if she wants it, she gets it. Being such a famous actress has its perks; magnificent house, unbelievable cars, amazing clothes, and any man that sets his eyes on her. That is, until she met Jacques. Jacques is her perfect “TV husband”, but Penelope wants more...)
Lets not cake on the make up for crying out loud! God, what are you implying, I have bad skin? Well, I don’t. I am perfect, or at least that’s what Jacques said to me yesterday (sigh). Stop looking at me look like that Clara. I am aware that it was his line, and we were acting. But did you see the way he looked at me when he said it? Did you? Of course you didn’t because you don’t have real talent so you were behind the scenes. Well let me tell you, his deep brown eyes bored into me like they were trying to tell me how much he loved me. I knew the first day that I saw those impeccable eyes gazing at me that we were meant to be. Sure, he has a fiancée, but she is just trapping him. That ugly gold digger is just with him for the benefits. I am not like that. I have dignity and class, and I honestly feel bad for the poor girl. I mean does she really believe that he loves her? Do you see the god-awful clothes she wears? I don’t even understand why she (sneeringly) is standing in the way to my true love. Oww, for Christ’s sake Clara do you even know how to put on eye shadow? Give me that, you moron. (Starts doing eye shadow in mirror) Anyways, before I was so rudely interrupted, I have to do something about this low-life. Does she even act, or (pause) work out? I remember when I first saw her; I thought she was just another one of you; a wannabe star who can’t act so they just try to be buddies with actresses by bonding over makeup; as if. But no, she was my Jacques’ groupie. My Jacques; that has a nice ring to it. Clara, the more I think about it, why don’t I just steal my Jacques from that ungrateful girl? Think about how lovely a couple we would make! Why haven’t I thought of this sooner? It will be easy; all I have to do is tell him how I feel. Ill walk right up to him and say, “Jacques, I’m the girl for you, I always have been, and I always will be.” He’ll be so happy that he will kiss me right then and there! We will run away together to Hawaii and have a wedding on the beach. Then, we will travel all around the world, until we are ready to settle down in Beverly Hills. We will adopt three children; a boy and twin girls. Yes Clara I said adopt, do you think I am going to ruin my perfect body by giving birth? Anyways, I am going to tell him how I feel tonight! I can’t wait to see how excited he is when I tell him I love him! I am not even worried that he will say no, I mean look at me. The only thing I am nervous about is if I can plan the wedding on such short notice! Clara, stop being a waste of space and call Vera Wang to ask her how fast she can make a brilliant wedding dress. My God Clara why are you looking at me like that?(Pause) What are you talking about? What pills do I have to take? Is this some joke, because I’m not in the mood. Stop telling me that its not the 1950’s anymore. You are my make up artist not my nurse, and I’m am not delusional! Don’t you dare put that shot in me! STOP! Oww, what did you do to me, you… (say tiredly)

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