that man saved my life

January 25, 2012
By Mousam Shah GOLD, Mumbai, Other
Mousam Shah GOLD, Mumbai, Other
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It’s the sixth day and rain dint even stopped now. Ground floor of my house was almost submerge into water . the only thing I could see was water and floating on it . food was over and I haven’t eaten anything since last three days .
That was the time when my brain protested me from going out but my stomach strive me out. I took an umbrella and a raincoat and were it in the best possible way to prevent myself from getting wet and folded ma sleeves and stepped out of my house.
Search for hunting food begins. As I was walking I was very tired and theres no more stamina left in my body. I don’t know how but I was walking …
I saw well dressed old man with his plastic bag headed towards me… he was tall, but slightly bended , had dull complexion with dull shaped beard, his hair were almost struck to his forehead because of rain.
I ran towards him and asked him anxiciously “is that dry fruits for selling purpose?”
“no but I think you need something to eat” he replied
“Would you give this to me ill pay triple the amount?” I said
“I am here not to earn and but to serve”he replied
He offered me somr dry fruits and also gave me one bag fully filled with something to eat. I offered him with the equivalent amount of money and apologized , but he refused to accept it and just smiled at me.
I thanked him and was on my way to home. I was almost 15 meters away from him and my leg struck somewhere. I tried pull it out, but I don’t know what happen .the next movement I found water in my mouth and was fully submerge into water.
When I again opened my eyes I just saw white ceiling and fan rotating in my head when I turned my face to left I saw doctor and nurse smiling at me.
On inquiring I came to know that I had fall into a pit and there’s lots of bleeding from my body. It was the same old tall man who helped me and offered me his blood.
That man saved my life.

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