The broken vase

January 25, 2012
By Mousam Shah GOLD, Mumbai, Other
Mousam Shah GOLD, Mumbai, Other
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3rd April was the date , I was at Malad station waiting for my friends to come . I was almost waiting for them since an hour . There I saw beautiful lady passing by on platform no.2 . she was so preety that I could not take my eyes off from her. I was constantly gazing at her and at time there was possibility of my eyes cumming out. Unfortunately fast churchgate train arrived and halted at Malad station. And that interrupted my vision from reaching her, when train left the station ,even that girl disappeared .
I was wondering how person could be that beautiful and why the hell she was caring that blue vase and where does she stay etc, etc, etc. by that time my friend Suraj arrived with others . We decided to go to bandra for shopping and dinner purpose… so finally we travelled to platform no.2 and was fortunate enough to catch the train. Fortunate, because it was so fully loaded that after entering it was difficult to decipher that where’s your hand and where’s your leg . So after locating legs and hand on the Goregaon and Jogeshwari Station . We finally reached Andhari. Then all the way after Andhari station we were either hanging on the door or measuring the size of the affixed pole and experiencing how force of train acts against the air causing it as a pleasant wind…
Finally Bandra station arrived and we guys got down. After getting down we went to mall in small cab. We started with purchasing commodity which includes t-shirt, jeans, perfumes, deo and what not..when I was about to leave I saw that beautiful lady entering the mall again with the same blue vase on her hand … that day I don’t know why but I started following her and in that course I entered the shop where all grossery , glass plates ,antiques , vase and various such things.
On seeing ne she replied “how can I help you sir” I was shocked that why is she saying me sir.
“hello sir may I help you ” I don’t know what to say and were to start from .then my eyes went on blue vase. And at time only thing I utter that “I was such kind of vase”
“why such kind, take this only ” she replied ..
I smiled at her and even she did the same on further continuing the conversation I came to know that the shop in which I was standing was hers fathers and he by mistake placed wrong order in malad and that’s the reason she was there. I want to keep that conversation going but she suddenly said “ thank you sir please pay at the counter” I had no alternative but to do the same .
From that time onwards my frequency of visiting that shop increased and slowly and steadily we became very close friends and then to best friends… I dint realize how my attraction turned into love, and no single movement I could leave without her..
On December 13 , I decided to propose her and to get into lovely relationship. So I called her to my place and gave her a red rose from the same blue vase which had purchased from her shop and utter 3 golden words … I was waiting for her to reply … but suddenly she puts that red rose back into the vase with aggression. It was so aggressive that rose vase felt down the table and broken into pieces
“I need some time “ she replied and went away.
Aafter that I tried to contact her through phone but she never replied , I want to go to her place but something hesitated me as that might show my desperation..
But when finally I couldn’t resist myself .. I went to her shop and on enquiring I came to know that her marriage was held last week and she now permanently shifted to Delhi.

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