My Seat

May 6, 2008
By Caelum Faver, Cleburne, TX

Today life told me that I had to choose between bliss and death and I asked death why it wanted it so badly then death turned to me and plainly said if I didn’t have you then I would have life you’re the go-between man how else did I get to your dog and your fish
Death embraced my hand and guided me through the ages as I grew and developed decaying and finally. The end was at my door step helping Death find my place among the pews telling me that it’s ok that I’ll stay here till time has decided to rest.

He said I could pray for the salvation I’ll never receive due to the sins of my Father.
I stared him and asked why? Just as stone without a quiver in his voice he said “I wish I knew I’m only a vessel that serves his purpose”. So there I sit holding on to what little sanity I have letting it slip through reality like morning due. He comes every now and again to seat a man or a woman and I hear our conversation replayed over and over, the only soundtrack to this ever-mounting eternity.

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