Haunted House

January 18, 2012
By Maykaisland SILVER, Georgetown, Delaware
Maykaisland SILVER, Georgetown, Delaware
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Da** house. I'm not putting up with your cr** anymore. I'm gone. Last night was the last straw. You can only tell yourself the creeks and groans are just the wind for so long. Last night was THE Last Straw. I swear to God I saw the keys move on the counter by themselves. While the front door swung open! My stupid boyfriend/room mate suggested it was the wind. Ha! Of course wind is famous for moving car keys. I got the hint Mr. Ghost and I'm not staying for more. The stupid boyfriend in question suggested we should FACE this. Double ha! As if I would risk getting dragged into the hallway in the middle of the night an then bitten by some evil monster. As if I would risk a possessed clown wrapping his arms around me in a death grip before getting sucked into the TV. I've seen the movies. All the really crazy s*** happens to the girls. Ugh! He's apparently too upset to help with my luggage so I have to haul all my stuff into the car by myself. What a gentleman. Oh look. Staring out the window. He's a bigger drama queen than most teenage girls. I under no circumstances will stay in this haunted piece of cr**. Last week my dishes "fell" and shattered on the floor. Who had to clean it up? How 'bout a hint, it's not the da** ghost. I wish I had never moved in. 

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