The Two Squirrels

January 16, 2012
By Evan Nelson BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
Evan Nelson BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
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One day, there were these two squirrels roaming around for their winter acorns. The two squirrels were named Evan and Ben. Evan and Ben were the two strongest squirrels you could find. They were also the two smartest. So as they went through the forest looking for any acorns they could find for the winter ahead. They didn’t know if it would be a bad winter with lots of snow and very cold temperatures. Or a nice cool winter with the right amount of snow fall and perfect temperatures to live cozy. Off they went for what seemed to be a couple of hours just looking and looking.
After about 4 or 5 hours, Ben and Evan were going back to their tree to drop off the acorns and rest for a little. Once they both got back they counted all the acorns each of them had. They had about the same. Once they have rested, the two squirrels went looking for building supplies to make the winter seem that is wasn’t even their. After that they rested for the night.
Bright and early the next day, Evan got up and thought that he didn’t have enough acorns to survive a harsh winter. He though it would be a nice thing to do if he asked Ben to come with him and get some more acorns, but he decided that he had enough and wanted to rest more. Thus, Evan went out hunting and found a ton more acorns. After he hunted, he knew he had enough to survive and then some for the winter.
And so forth winter came and it was a wretched one. So much snow had bundled up together that it made the temperature so freezing cold. Ben was down to his last acorn and it was only halfway through the winter. Evan on the other side had enough to survive the harsh winter. Once winter ended, poor old Ben died of starvation and Evan was healthy and alive since he went for some extra hunting and got a lot more acorns.
So always remember, when in doubt don’t leave it out.

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