Objectify me

January 17, 2012
By babydagon14 BRONZE, Antwerp, New York
babydagon14 BRONZE, Antwerp, New York
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Usually I feel heat up top, more often then not. But right now it is really hot on the outside. Eric left me here and it is getting really hot in this place. Usually he uses me for just a plain old cigarette or to see in the dark. I guess not this time. This time he just dropped me on the floor. He should know better. I’m dangerous. I can make fire. How do you get more dangerous then me? I know he didn’t buy me but I still come with warnings. I like Eric, though. He stole me from my first owner – James. James used me for horrible things. Actually one time, James had me burn Eric. Speaking of James, this house kind of looks like his. It’s hard to tell, ‘cuz I was usually in his pocket.
Oh the heat in here is horrific. I can feel the butane inside me boiling. I don’t understand why Eric left me here. I was a good lighter. Every time he needed me, I worked great. Even when my fluid was low, I tried my absolute hardest to work. Eric used me for little things-like the pilot lights on the stove, but James used me for things in his basement. He would burn people. One time he used me to kill a cat! I felt so horrible. I kept asking myself, why I had to be dangerous—but I know it was fate.
Eric took me after James burnt him. I remember that night well. I was on James dresser and all of a sudden I was being picked up. I was scared ‘cuz I knew it was night time and James would only use me for bad things at night. But when I looked I saw it was Eric. I was surprised. I still don’t know why he took me, but ever since then Eric has taken good care of me.
Gosh, this night was so hectic. I remember Eric took me out of his pocket to light a cigarette and then he used me to light the one James had. I’m used to being put back into the pocket but this time I stayed in his hand. He was gripping me pretty hard. He and James were yelling. I think they were yelling over the things that made Eric cry every night. Eric was saying he just wanted to be left alone. No more being tortured. James just laughed at him. Poor Eric, everyone is mean to him. I don’t know why. He isn’t a bad looking boy. He is a sweet boy. He does everything his mom asks him to. Well, everything that she more or less screams at him.
It is so bright in here yet all at the same time it is dark. I hear sirens coming. I must be in a house fire. Wait, did Eric start this fire? Oh dear oh dear. I wish I could have told James to stop. I know for sure that this is his house. Eric looked at me this morning and promised things would change. I had no clue he had this in mind. Oh my, I want my Eric right now. Yes, yes I do.

Right now I’m in a plastic bag. I’m still shiny and pretty. Apparently they cleaned me off. I don’t like the room I’m in. They keep saying Eric died. If you’re wondering, I’m in the police station (sorry I forgot to mention that). Thank Hades they left me on the table so I can hear everything they are saying, even if I don’t believe it. They said that James burnt his house down using me. I don’t remember when he took me from Eric but it is possible I guess. Eric was still in the house. I guess he planned on exposing James for those drugs in the basement. It’s just so hard to believe that Eric was there. I heard no screaming or nothing. Maybe it really was time for things to change. Maybe, these people will find some justice for him now that he’s gone.

The author's comments:
Just something that was assigned in my creative wrinting class, sorry if it isnt great...

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on Feb. 6 2012 at 9:25 am
babydagon14 BRONZE, Antwerp, New York
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