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January 20, 2012
By Immortal.Lights BRONZE, Deltona, Florida
Immortal.Lights BRONZE, Deltona, Florida
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Elizabeth walked down the long narrow hall that led into the core of the night club. She had scoured the Internet and interviewed many of the local occultists and Goths until she found what she'd wanted. Almost all of them had said that this was the best place to find a vampire. A Gothic surreal night club called Shred. From the door way she had felt a faint vibration and occasional shake which only intensified the further she walked. It’s a good thing she abstained from the stilettos she had decided on early. With all the movement the club and its occupants made she surely would've wound up on her a**. She gave herself a brownie point for going with the equally seductive wedge heels. Her entire outfit tonight was picked just for the purpose of showing off all her bitable areas, within reason that is. The skintight dress came down to about mid-thigh and the straps were so thin they were nearly nonexistent. She wore a thick decorative choker to draw special attention to her neck. It was all part of the plan.

Elizabeth approached the heavy wooden door that was covered in shimmering black velvet. As the door opened the light from the club hit the black velvet. The velvet seemed to swallow the light like a true black hole. The heavy door shut softly behind her. This side of the door was covered in red velvet and disappeared completely in the red velvet draped wall. It gave the feeling of true exclusion to those in the club. It made it really seem like the club wasn’t a part of the world outside its door. Elizabeth took in the scene in front of her. A large swarm of bouncing bodies. She figured that any respectable vampire wouldn’t be dancing in the middle of the crowd. She bet that he would be off in one of the small coves at the back of the club waiting for a delicious looking human to pass him. One that would be willing to make the first move and later be the one whose fear would smell the sweetest as the vampire sank his teeth into his prey taking his fill and leaving. Leaving the dazed human behind in the haze of pleasure and pain that came when one was fed from.

She shook herself mentally. She was letting her fantasies get the best of her. She walked over the bar and sat down on the stole. She had to remember why she was here. What she had planned. Ever since she was a little girl she had loved vampires. Growing up watching the movies like The vampire effect and Bram stoker's Dracula, seeing the beautiful women the vampires drank from and sometimes fell in love with made her want it. She had done research since she was 18 learning as much as she could about them and looking up the most popular vampire haunts. However all of the ones she had found so far have only contained posers. No real vampires to speak of yet. Elizabeth ordered a strange named alcoholic drink. It was called Pleading Knife or something like that. It was good but it was strong. When she had finished about half of it she decided it would be a good time to go and look around for her vampire.

The alcoves at the back of the club weren’t very crowded. There were a few couples here and there and at least two alcoves where two very sexy men were sitting by themselves. One had cropped off bleach white hair and was dressed in some kind of leather fishnet outfit. His hair had to be dyed because he couldn’t have a day over twenty. The other had dirty blonde hair that looked brown under the club lights. His outfit was a bit more of a Victorian meets steam punk suit. Elizabeth went straight for him. He had to be the vampire she was looking for. He just had to be. She had put forth too much effort to leave empty handed yet again.

She walked up to him and asked if she could sit down. He looked her over and gestured with his hands for her to sit. She did. He flashed her a smile and she saw fangs. Her breath caught and she smiled at him. He reached for her hand and brought it to his lips to kiss it. His mouth was pressed hard enough to her hand that she could feel the fangs move behind his lips. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "The fangs are fake, aren’t they?"

He pulled back and frowned at her then nodded slightly. She took her hand from his. "I’m sorry but I have to go." As she passed the other man who was by himself he flashed her a smile. But there were no fangs. Disappointment flooded her and had her hurrying for the door. Maybe she should just give up on this ridiculous fantasy. She had already been to nearly 23 clubs looking for real vampires but none had given her what she wanted. There was one. He had been very good at playing the role of a real vampire. He had his teeth elongated and filed to points. He looked exactly as a real vampire should. But when she had asked him to drink from her he admitted he wasn’t a real vampire and just had become one because of comic books and chicks. He had been a complete waste of her time. But that’s just how it goes sometimes. We can’t always get what we want.

She reached the door of the club and slipped through. The dimly lit hallway was packed with people in some questionable attire. Elizabeth pushed her way through to the exit. The large mountain that stood in the door way moved aside and let her pass through. The parking lot had almost as much people in it as the hallway did. This really was a popular club. There’s no doubt about that. To avoid the crowd she turned the corner and headed toward the back of the club. She walked towards the trail which connected the club to the neighborhood of cheap apartments and shoddy hotels. The trail was dark except for patches of moonlight that crept through the canopy of tree branches every few feet. Distracted by the beauty of the scene in front of her she didn’t notice the thing that shot out of the dark yanking her to the ground until it was too late. He or whatever it was on top of her pinning her arms and legs to keep her from fighting back.

She could barely see in the dim light of the moon but it was enough to tell the shadowy figure above her was all male. A reasonable attractive one at that. It took a moment for her to realize why his hand was pressed so tightly to her mouth, she was screaming. She forced herself to calm down and once she had he removed his hand. "Who ar-"

His hand clamped over her lips once more. "I shall be asking the questions tonight, yes? All you will do is nod and comply, understand?" Staring at the handsome face that was suddenly hard and cruel she did as he commanded and nodded. "Good. Now my dear I’ve been listening to your thoughts all night, so full of disappointment. Not a fair expression for such a luscious face. You want a real vampire to take you over yes?" Elizabeth nodded; her arms were starting to tingle with the loss of blood circulation. "Good." He stared straight into her eyes and nodded as if he was pleased with what he saw there. "Then remember the pain and that you welcomed it." She saw his fangs for a mere second before she felt them in her neck. Tearing into her flesh. Her body exploded in pain at the sudden intrusion and once more she found herself screaming. At some point she'd stopped and just laid there prone as he ripped up her dress and bit just above her heart, down the sides of her ribcage, stopping at her legs to bit the inside of each once. When his teeth entered her skin she didn’t feel it. All she could feel was the pressure as he bit down. A chilling wave of pain swept through her. Every inch of skin felt as if a sharp blade of ice sat against in, pushing at her skin every so often waiting for it to break. When the shards finally penetrated her body she was gone.

The author's comments:
There are so many Vampire books out there that I decided I would like to write my own version of a Vampire feeding. This is the the product of my imagination.

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