Boy Meets Girl (Drama

January 19, 2012
By Anonymous

Two shy and awkward teen agers are at a coffee shop. One is skinny as rail, gangly and pretty much drowning in the blue sweater that he is wearing. The girl looks also misfitted.. extremely petite, with half short and half long hair, and thick rimmed glasses framing her large eyes. The two have met before but have only talked briefly, now they are project partners.
Boy: Coming here was probably a good idea, I don’t know if we’d be able to finish this without coffee. (Looks down at the girl)
Girl: (Focusing intently on the menu) Tell me about it.
Boy: (notices something in the girls hair and reaches out ) you have a little something…
Girl: (whips around ) What??
Boy: (startled) oh, nothing just something your hair (blushes sheepishly and looks down)
Girl: oh..right. (faces the menu once more and walks up to the cashier) Can I get an espresso?
Boy: (Chiming in, a bit too fast and too loud) m-make that two.. please.
Girl: (bemused half smile on her face) You’re an espresso fan?
Boy: (brow furrowed, rubs his hand through his hair) oh absolutely.. its really great. I love you know, French stuff like that.
Girl: its Italian.
Boy: (looks around, embarrassed ) is that so…
The two wait in awkward silence. The girl oblivious. The boy shifty and nervous.
Barista: Two espressos!
Girl: (Picks up her drink and is bumped by another person it spills down her front) S***! That’s f***ing hot!
Boy: (startled) Are you okay? (Thinking to himself) she’s even cute spilling coffee down her shirt… (Aloud) here have mine.
Girl: (Still grimacing and wiping herself off, glances up) You sure?
Boy: Yeah its fine. Here
Girl: (almost sarcastic) Dan, such a gentleman..
Dan: (False suave voice) mm but of course only the best for Amanda (pulls out her chair)
Amanda giggles and pulls out her laptop. The two seem to be getting along quite well, Stage fades to black.
Scene Two
Stage lights to show Dan and his messy room. Clothes litter the bed that he is setting on with his lap top. His cellphone rings, he picks it up.
Dan: Hello?
Alex: Daniel Fredrickson! How was your project-coffee-date thing with your super sexy study buddy?
Dan: (Distracted.) Yeah.. uhh
Alex: Your on her facebook right now aren’t you?
Dan: Perhaps.
Alex: Well I guess its not creepy if she doesn’t know, just don’t go liking all of her statuses or photos.
Dan: She’s soo.. Just Oh my god. (scrolling through her facebook)
Alex: (snarky) Keep your pants on Danny Boy. Just be charming, witty, and handsome, so you know, not yourself.
Dan: Bye Alex.
Alex: Sweet Dreams sunshine
Dan hangs up the phone. And continues to scroll longingly through Amanda’s Facebook.
Dan: (sighs) Jesus, she’s perfect
Stage goes black.

Scene Three
It’s the next day at school. Amanda is at her locker touching up her make up, Dan approaches her.
Dan: (eagerly) Hey Amanda
Amanda: Hey Dan, (putting on lipstick) You’re day good?
Dan: Yeah, its good, getting better actually… You, ah (scratches head) wanna go for coffee with me and Alex?
Amanda: (Smiling) Yeah that would be great! But I got to go, I’ll see you around 4:00?
Dan: (trying to keep calm) yeah I’ll see you then.
Dan turns around, a huge smile on his face. Stage fades to black.
Scene Four
Dan and Alex are seated at the coffee shop. Waiting for Amanda.
Dan: (nervously looking around) I don’t know where she is why isn’t she here?
Alex: its 3:30.. Are you wearing cologne?
Dan: Too much?
Alex: You smell like a d*bag, here (hand him his napkin) try to rub it off or something before you scare her off.
Dan: Dude, I’m not worried. (Smiling and adjusting his shirt) shes totally into me I can tell.
Alex: (slurping his drink) mm does she find your crippling shyness endearing?
Dan: Shut up, and possibly, but shes always like putting on her make up when I come around and she was all smiley and cute when I asked her to coffee today. And she twirls her hair a lot when I talk to her.
Alex: (sets down his glass) uh huh.
Dan: You don’t believe me do you?
Alex: I have my doubts that hair twirling signifies that she finds you appealing.
Dan: Whatever man, Shes here!!
Amanda enters coffee shop.
Dan: (To Amanda) Hey! Amanda, Alex, I think you guys kinda sorta know each other.
Amanda: Mm yes Mrs. G’s science, I believe (giggles and smiles, Alex gives Dan a look)
(Dan Pulls out a chair for her)
Amanda: Oh I need to get another one, Chloe’s coming.
Dan : (confused) …Chloe?
A tall redhead comes in the door, walks up kisses Amanda on the lips.
Amanda: Babe you made it! Guys this is my girlfriend, Chloe (Chloe waves).
Dan’s jaw is on the floor. Alex is equally as shocked and refraining from laughing. The conversation turns slurs and becomes distorted as the stage fades to black. The voice over conversation ends, a single spot lights lights up the two front seats of a car, Alex is driving and Dan is in the passenger seat still with the same expression on his face.

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