Space Camp Application

January 19, 2012
By MaggieShouts BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
MaggieShouts BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
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Space Camp Application

Please have your child fill out the following form after you’ve completed the rest of the application.

Name: Lucy Tripp

Age: 10

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Tell us why you would like to attend Space Camp (3-5 sentences):
I think it is because when I look at the sky at night, I think about all the stars and billions of galaxies and how it never ends (or at least that’s what Carl Sagan, who is a cosmetologist, said in the movie we watched in Science Lab at St. Mary’s, my school, before Mr. Woods our science teacher got fired because my school is Catholic and they don’t like Carl Sagan), and when I think about how the universe never ends it makes me remember that I don’t have to be sad all the time. Some people get very sad when they look at the sky because it forces them to remember that they’re so small, but I get very happy because I know that I am made of star bits and I feel a little less big. I don’t like feeling big because it makes me feel lonely, so when I think about stars I feel less lonely and Carl Sagan said that when I die someday (when I am 100 years old like the ladies at the mall and grandma), after a long long time I will turn into dust and then people will breathe in my dust and my dust will become part of other people just like me (but also different because no one can be just like me because I’m unique just like you and everybody else) and when the world dies, my dust will help make a new star, and maybe another girl just like me (except one who probably doesn’t look the same, because there won’t be humans anymore) might be made out of my dust in about a hundred billion years.
I also want to go to Space Camp because it is that or Vacation Bible School, and my pastor is mean and smells weird. I think that is 5 sentences.

List any allergies: Strawberries.

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