SummerField and King Antonio

January 19, 2012
In a land far away lived a rich and powerful king who was mean to everyone he met. When he saw an old woman beaten down by guards he wouldn’t stop them, when the bank was being robbed he didn’t pay for the damages. Once on a cold raining day a little boy and girl came to the castle door asking Antonio for shelter until the storm past. He told them “why don’t you go cry to your mother” ,And slammed the door in their face, one night a fairy came to him in a dream and told him that if he doesn’t start acting like a good king she will turn him into a monster. The next day sure enough the same little boy and girl came again to ask him for some food for they were lost. He told them to come in and gave them some milk and cookies with a roaring fire. But when they stole food to take to their older a beautiful sister, he was angry and threw them in a dark cold jail cell and locked the door. That night he was turned into an ugly monster. In the country there was a tall blonde hair hazel eyes girl by the name of Summerfield. She happened to be the little boy and girls older sister. She was really worried about them. They lived with their very abusive father, (summer fields step dad her real dad was shot before she was born). That night it started to rain but Summerfield didn’t care she went out to look for her brother and sister. Well to her surprise the rain turned into a big thunderstorm. It scared off her horse and then she found it the castle Blackmore. She went inside and when down into the dungeons. As she wondered through the cells she heard her name being called she looked everywhere and at last she had found her missing siblings. All of a sudden she met the evil most ugly thing she ever met came out of the shadows and she begged him to let the little ones go and take her. The monster agreed. So she put the tiny children up on a horse the monster had given her, kissed and hugged them both and said goodbye. Sadly she walked up the stairs and into the scary castle. The monster told her she could have everything and anything as long as she never asks to leave. Summerfield was terrified, the monster watched her from his window and every minute he fell in love with her. One night she was wondering the castle and she came across a little white room. She looked at all the beautiful things including a really pretty sand timer. As she was about to pick it up to feel the bumpy rim the monster came crashing toward her. She was so scared she ran out of the castle and found herself in the meadow with big huge killer dogs. She ran for her life but the dogs cornered her up against a tree, the monster rushed up to them and fought to protect her. See Summerfield didn’t know he loved her. At last the dogs ran off and the monster was lying almost dead in the rain. She picked him up and helped him back to the castle. Every day she cleaned his wounds and helped him recover. When he was all better they had a big celebration and the monster asked Summerfield to be his wife, she told him no and ran up to her room, the monster followed her. He found her staring out the window wishing on a star to let her go home. She wished to see her brother and sister. The monster told her that if she wished he would let her go and not to return. So with the barrels the monster gave her she filled them with gold and jewels and left. She got home her siblings ran out to meet her she found out that her step father had died and the little ones who were so big now were raising themselves. She bought a nice little house and she was rich. One night as she finished putting the kids to bed, she had a vision the monster was laying in her bedroom with a picture of her in his hand. So because of that she told the kids she would be back and left for the castle. She ran up to her room and there she found him walked up hoping he would notice she was there and wake up. She bent down to touch his face and his face was cold. All of a sudden this light came down turned the monster into Antonio and while she watched him she noticed it was him as the light layed him back down on the floor. She cried kissed his lips and told him that he couldn’t die he just couldn’t leave her alone also she said that she would love him forever. That moment he opened his eyes and looked at her. She helped him sit up. They hugged each other like their world had just collided into one. He asked one last time for her to marry him and she kissed him and he knew it meant yes. The very next day they were married. Now even today they love each other and forever will they be bound even through death.

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