January 7, 2012
By AllieLegarza BRONZE, Battle Mountain, Nevada
AllieLegarza BRONZE, Battle Mountain, Nevada
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The black binder, dabbed with the ink of a permanent marker. You can't see it, you don't know it's there. However, it is saying that tomorrow will be the last day on Earth for this miserable teen. The binder said I'm above you, you can't hurt me and those who love me will soon be dressed in the color I have worn for years to cover the scars of many blades. To cover my paper with words of what will happen tomorrow in a dark alley with a long rope of licorice.
No, I am not killing myself, the rope is so I can eat it. I love the dark. Black is my favorite color. The blades were just an experiment and as an employee of NASA I am flying to Mars. I will be the first teen to fly to Mars and those who have been there say the pressure is horrendous.

The author's comments:
In my Creative Writing class we offten did a color list. This was my piece for the color, black and considering it was to be read out loud I had to end it a little less dark.

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