Cold, Barren, Bleak...

January 8, 2008
The young girl walked through the hospital only clinging to the same scared feeling. As she came upon a door, a door that held only pain, the feeling got worse. Turning the knob slowly she opened the door to where her best friend lay dying. At the moment he was asleep but she could still barely look at him, his skin paler then milk, and his fetchers sunken in. Holding in tears she walked into the room, closing the door quietly and taking the seat next to his bed. Moments that seemed like years passed by as she sat in silence at his side but finally use all her willpower she spoke, "How could you do this? How could you go and get yourself hurt again?" Now chocking on tears the anger growing inside her melted into sadness, "I got you help... you’re gonna be fine... but if I do this you have to promise n-not to... to..." "To what, Victoria?" She turned around to come face to face with one of the people who scared her most. The person who she loved so deeply and who loved her back just the same. "Not to get yourself killed again." A small smile grew on her lovers face and pulled her into a tight hug and said, "Thank you but how?" A cold expression came across her face, "That's not important, he's going to get better that's all that matters…" A healer, a healer with a plan saved him that night. He came home healthier and happier the very next day but what he didn't know was that his happiness wouldn't even last the night. For that night was going to be night Victoria would change forever.

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