January 13, 2012
By EatPiano BRONZE, Park City, Utah
EatPiano BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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It’s missing...It’s gone. Somebody stole it. I swear I put it on my bedside table. But it’s not there. Who took it? Was it my friend that came over? Was it my sister? Brother? Father? Well, none of them are home right here right now, so all I can do is keep looking.

Under the bed, under the table, under all the dirty underwear and socks that bury the room. I look and look everywhere. I even searched my 2 year old brothers crib (yeah, I’m getting a little desperate). By now I’m convinced somebody took it. It was somebody that came into the house between today and yesterday, because I had it yesterday.

I came up with a list of the prime suspect:
The UPS guy
My friend
My neighbors
My family
My family
My family
My family

Obviously, My family is the prime suspect (I wrote it 4 times on my list) though Leprechauns come in in a close second place. I scratched of the UPS guy and aliens because they never stepped into my house. And my neighbor only stepped into the house a few feet, not all the way up the stairs to my room. And I’m pretty sure Leprechauns live in my closet, so I will talk to the Leprechaun when I’m done talking with my family.

I sat on the couch, waiting till 4:00, Because 4:00 is when my family gets home. 4:00...Is interrogation time.

The wait was horrible. 10 Minutes on the couch can really get a man thinking. Thinking about how boring it is waiting ten minutes. The seconds felt like seconds, the minutes felt like minutes, the hours felt like...well, I only waited on the couch for ten minutes.

But when ten minutes had passed, thats when I started to worry. 4:00 is when my mom brings my little bros and sisters home from school. And it was 4:01. What happened to them? A lot of horrible answers to that question flashed through my head. Some of them included Nuclear warfare and being eaten by swarms of cockroaches, but my mind was relieved when I heard the garage door opening.

I had to break it to them slowly. Ask them small questions, until I broke out the big daddy.

As my little brother’s walked through the door, I blocked the doorway into the living room.

“Where...Is it?” I said. My brothers just looked at me with a blank stare. Well, it was obvious that they didn’t have it. If one of them knew what I was talking about, they would automatically blame the other. So I asked my sister.

“Hello, Kind sister. What’s going on?”

“I just—”

“Where is it?!”

“...Um...Where is what”

I didn’t say anything. I just walked away, leaving my sister confused and creeped out.

I went to ask my mom. Maybe she put it somewhere?

“Hey Mom, do you know were my—” I stopped in mid sentence, staring deeply into my Mom’s sunglasses. I saw something in the reflection of my mom’s sunglasses. Something that looked very familiar.

“Do you need something, honey?” My mom said.

I turned around and there it was. Lying on top the the fireplace mantel.

Then I said, “That’s where I put it.”

The author's comments:
I lose stuff a lot.

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