The Strongest Bond

January 8, 2008
By Colin Roberson, Midway, UT

Bonds. They hold every thing together. Legal bonds, love bonds, chemical bonds. Everything is held in place by bonds. Bonds can be broken with different things. A legal bond can be broken by time, money and people. A love bond is at many stages able to be broken. As a husband and wife, family, money and people. For a chemical bond to be broken, add heat. In science class students are to learn of chemical bonds in a raw state. What would happen to a bond, not only chemical, when added greed, love, hate, money, heat. What would happen? What would happen if one took all those away? You would end up with a friendship bond a bond with no other elements, couldn’t be broken.

In the Novel Flowers for Algernon the main character Charlie has an I.Q. score of 68. Charlie has a chance to triple his I.Q. with an operation that will place a chip in his brain. Charlie is given this chance by two doctors and his teacher who works with adults with learning problems. As Charlie gets the operation, he knows that this is going to make him in is own words “smarter”. The only other being that the operation has been performed on is a mouse. The name of the lab rat is Algernon. In the beginning when the doctors are still looking for the right person to do the operation on, they have Charlie and Algernon run mazes together, Charlie uses a pen and paper while Algernon really does run the mazes. The mouse always beats Charlie, because of that Charlie believed that was a very special mouse or simply that he is not as smart as a mouse. Charlie does not understand why the doctors only feed Algernon if he completes a maze. As Charlie’s chip starts to work, He learns by listening to tapes at night. He starts to beat Algernon. He understands everything. He has been to dinner with Ms. Kinian and she has truly befriended Charlie. Charlie is coming into the lab to see Algernon. One day when Charlie is in the lab with Algernon. He bites him; Charlie believes that this is something to do with the chip. A few weeks later Algernon dies. Charlie with his I.Q. over 200 starts to figure out what caused it. In his studies he knows that for the three mouths that it took Charlie to gain all his knowledge it will take three mouths for him to lose all of it. Ms. Kinian stays Charlie’s friend all the way through the whole thing. With the gain and loss of the knowledge she stayed with him. That is true friendship.

I have my mother, father and brother. They are the closest thing to a true friendship that I will ever be in. My mother and father only want the best for me, and want safety and trust in our bond. My brother, even though we sometimes fight, loves each other. He trusts me and has told me many things. Outside of my family, I have met three friends that are close to being true; they have come to me with information that would never reach any other ears. And so have I. Friendships must stand against time, I know that I am only past the decade mark a few years ago and so are my friends. Ten years or even four years seems like a very long time. Long enough to stand against time, although I know I can not call these people true friends simply that we have not been alive long enough to do that.

In the movie Empire of the Sun, a British, young boy living in China, loses this parents because of the hurry to get out while there was time before the Japanese invasion. He makes friends with a man in China during WW2. They are sent to Japanese camps. At first the man wanted to sell the boy as a slave but they get put together in the camp. In the end the man escapes from the camp and leaves the boy. But as soon as the man gets a gun he heads back to free the boy.

In the novel House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer, a clone boy named Matt is alive for one prepuce to donate organs when his human needs them. Well the man is 146 yeas old. When it is time to donate his heart to the man this friend Maria, help him to try escape, Maria sister stops Matt from leaving with Maria. Maria showed a stunt of true friendship. I feel that Maria is a weak character. This was a major stunt; she couldn’t have done it without Matt needing help. Also Tam Lin Matt’s Bodyguard helped him throughout the book Tam Lin is always giving Matt help. At first he is staying with Matt because it is what the boss told him to do. But as they get to know one an other Tam Lin starts to love Matt as a son. After Maria plan failed he prepares him to escape and he tells him all he needs to know. (245 Farmer). On his way to meet up with Maria, he is taken by sweat shop owners who take young children to work in different parts of the company. On his way through the system, he meets Chacho, Fidelito and Ton-ton. They stand up for him. “He is no different than us!” (302, Farmer) Those are the things that make a bond so strong.

In World War Two, after the allies took back most of France, and we were pushing against Germany, there was a small town. The small town was along the line of battle on the allies’ frontier and the one farthest that we had pushed. Hitler was plan an attempt to drive the Americans out of Europe. He gathered all men that were able and started to move troops out of sight of the small town. “We should have seen it coming; the snow was gone on the roads after a snowfall” (A world War two veteran.) The Germans out numbered us 15 to 1 “Let us show the Americans what a German with a rifle can do” (Hitler) they can do a lot. During a fog (to stop the Americans from taking into the air) they began to shell the town. The Americans token by surprise, being that this was to far south for the any major battle, begin to fight. The battle raged on mostly shelling the Americans to run low on supplies. A friend of the general in command was gathering men to free the Americans surrounded in the town. Again we underestimated the Germans numbers. The Germans were shelling the town to rubble to get to the troop luckily the skies cleared and they made a path for the relief troops. If the general’s friend hadn’t provided relief fast they would have been killed.

As Charlie, Ms. Kinian, Algernon, Matt, Maria, Tam Lin, Chacho, Fidelito and Ton-ton are all true friends, they are of course fictional .It is very, very hard to find true friends and it takes even longer to make yourself true to them. So rare that most of the time, fictional people are base off real people, they are not true friends. Fictional books some times have characters that are normal, based off a real person. I believe that the relationship between humans and dogs are better than the relationship between one another. Dogs do not want any thing besides the things that they need to live.

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