Life Lessons

January 8, 2008
By Howard Stamps III, Inkster, MI

A lot was mentioned and expected of the corporation of FedEx once the new head of money marketing was hired on the day of September 4th, 2007l. His name is Jonathan Griggs, the new prodigy of the word business. Growing up in the streets of Los Angeles, CA, he was a conqueror. He was always told by his parents that he could do anything he put his mine to. He was the star of all his school basketball teams from elementary through college and took interest in the finer things in life as he got older and matured. With nothing on his mind but success and taking care of business, he was hard working and determined.

It was a blissful day for him that Monday, when he was told by his boss, that he was head of money marketing for a multi-million dollar company.

“Griggs, you’ve done good work and I am proud to tell you that we the board and stock holders at FedEx would like you to be Head of Money Marketing for our company.”

After the news was given to him, he rushed home to tell his wife and kids and called his parents on his way home. It was the happiest day of his life. He was so happy, that he took his entire family out to eat for a night of celebration.

That next morning, Jonathan had to be at work early for his promotion criteria and work upgrade. He was moved to a corner office, on the executive floor and was rewarded many amenities for his position at the company.

“I’m living the good life.”
After soaking this good feeling, Jonathan knew he had to get to work. He knew that his job would no longer be the same from this day on. Day after day, he was put to the test as his job became more complicated. It was really stressing him out. It was to the point where he would first started staying late after work hours to him not coming home to the very next day. His wife was worried and concerned for him.

“Honey, where are you? I made a big dinner for all off us tonight, I made your favorite.”

“I’m sorry babe; I have to work late tonight again. This new job really has me busy during the week. I might even have to put in an overnighter tonight. I’m sorry”

Jonathan began to worry about his family and friends who he was putting on the back burner. He knew that working this much was not good for his health. He remembered something that his father told him when he was younger.

“If you get too happy about one certain thing and you leave sadness and distress in the back, you feel sadness and distress in the end.”

Jonathan began to think and decided that he was going to cut his hours back so that he may spend more time with his family.

“Mr. Finch, I’m sorry, but working these long hours is really bad for my family and I. I’m going to have to cut it back a little.”

“I don’t know John I’m going to need you to work a little more seeing as though the manufacture order just shipped in. We made loads on it. It’s going to have to be an overnighter.”

Jonathan’s position at work was no joke. However Jonathan felt that if he continued this, things might get worst. He was worried that his relationship with his kids and his wife would maybe come to an end. He knew something had to be done.

At the end of the day as Jonathan was leaving. His Boss, Mr. Finch, needed a word with him.

“John, I’m going to need you to meet with the board tomorrow, 7 a.m. sharp. We’ve got an immediate money count schedule for the last order. It maybe another overnighter for you. You really won’t mine will you?”

“Mr. Finch, I’m sorry but it’s bad enough that I have to stay overnighters for your stuff that you leave me to do, I then have to catch up on my work. It’s just too much for me and it’s only been the first month.”

“John, when you took this job you had risks now if you can’t handle it, maybe we should reconsider your position.”

“Goodnight Mr. Finch”

Jonathan got home late that evening around 11:37 p.m. that night. As he was waling in, his wife was standing at the door waiting for him.

“What’s wrong baby?”

She just stood there. Pacing, moving from side to side. As if she was ready to hit Jonathan right in his face.

“It isn’t right. It’s not right for you to do us like this. We, me, your children, have supported you everyday before you began this new position. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for you. But, I think you’re losing focus of what’s really important. Us, your children, family, me.”

“I know, and I’m sorry. I expected the work load be a little easier being close to the board and all. But I guess I was wrong. I think it was time to make some changes. I’m whooped. I’m going to bed. It’s been a long day.”

“Before you go to sleep, my uncle jerry called me and wanted to know how you were doing. He heard about the promotion and I guess he was a little concerned. You know he was head of money marketing at Ameren UE at one time. You should call him sometimes. Okay, you can go to sleep.”


As Jonathan prepared to go to bed. He thought about all that his wife said. He pandered on all the work he had been doing and didn’t feel as though he was being treated right.

Jonathan got up early as he was told to do by his boss. On his way to work, he decided to give his wife’s uncle a call to check up with him.

“Hey Unk, how you doing?”
“I’m doing alright. Heard about your promotion and wanted to know how it was all going for you.”
“To tell you the truth Unc, it’s been hard man. It’s almost like I’m doing extra work that doesn’t even go with my job. Like I’m being abused or taken advantage of, I don’t know maybe it’ll all get better in the long run.”

After talking with his Uncle for a while, he revealed that when he was also head of money marketing, the company abused him in all ways necessary. Hoping for the best, Jonathan hoped that this wasn’t going for him.

After a while, Jonathan made it to work and was walking into the building.
One of his co-workers under him, Bill, had stopped him to have a talk.

“John, I’m glad I caught you before you went in today.”
“Not now Bill, I have an important meeting this morning with the board.”
“I know John, but I really need to speak with you.”
“Alright Bill, but make it quick.”
“Chuck and I overheard the board and Mr. Finch talking about you this morning. I don’t want to tell you this, but I think they are taking advantage of you intellect. They were laughing all day and making fun of you because you’ve been doing so much work and not saying anything. I think you need to speak on this when you go in there.”

Jonathan walked away from Bill in fury and frustration. He couldn’t believe that the company would do such a thing to him for all his hard work. After pandering in his office for a minute or so, he got ready to go into the meeting.

“John, glad you can make it, we were just talking about you.”
“Oh really”
“Yeah John, I was just telling our board how successful and talented you are and will make this company for years to come.”
“I don’t know about that Mr. Finch, I may not be as talented as you say I am if I’m being abused by my on job.
“What is that suppose to mean?”
“Bill and Chuck said that they overheard you and the boards talking about me negatively, not positively like you’ve just told me.”
“Oh John, you know we’re just kidding, I talk about you like this all the time, I mean…”
“You know, I don’t know what it is with you executives. You think you can just talk about us and abuse us like we’re not here for the same purpose. I have worked overnighters for you for the past month. I am head of money marketing for this entire company. I received more respect when I was in my cubical on the 5th floor. And being in my position you don’t even pay me for the extra work that I do.”

“John, calm down, we figured you would not mine because of your promotion, you know helping out the company a little.”

“I don’t see you helping out the people you laid-off so what’s the difference.”

After arguing with his boss and the board, Jonathan walked back to his office. As he sat down, he remembered what his Uncle told him of his situation and decided to give him a call.

“Hey Unc, can you believe that they’re doing the same thing to me that they did to you.
“Really, how did you find out?”
“A couple buddy’s of mine told me they overheard them talking about me as they were walking by.”
“I told you man, they are no joke. They will abuse a man, a black man at that for all he’s got if it seems like he is a little over the top. You have to be careful.”

Jonathan talked with his Uncle for a minute and gave him so words of wisdom. Just as Jonathan hung up the phone, the board and Mr. Finch walked in his office.

“Jonathan, we would all like to give you our humblest apology for our behavior over this pass month. People in our place should hold a better level of maturity for the things we’ve done to you. We all hope that this doesn’t make you leave the company. A man of your status deserves the up most respect. Handling money for our company is a great deal of trust. Please stay with us.”

“You reap what you sow for the actions you make. But, I am a big forgiver. Even my kids get me on the whole forgiving thing. I’m going to stay.”

The next morning, Jonathan got up bright and early, thinking about what had all been going over the past couple of months. He learned that sometimes people can take advantage of you and your abilities. As time moved on at his job, he was treated with the up most respect and was very highly favored through out the company.

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