Lost Soul

January 8, 2008
By eboni smalley, Westland, MI

Brittany Sturdivant was a kind, outspoken person. She was always happy but that was only on the outside. On the inside, she was torn apart and always sad. But who isn’t, everyone has their flaws. Not everyone shows them all the time or at all. Until one day she got the worse news she had heard in a long time……
The year of 1993 she was about two years old she lived with her paternal grandmother. Her grandmother had three adopted daughters, they were all about Brittanys’ age. Brit lived there for a year or two then moved back home. She still went over her Granny’s house as if she still lived there.
Years pasted and Brittany grew older and older. By the time she was in the third grade she moved back in with her grandma. This was because there was an elementary school right across the street. She would go home on the weekends but right back on Sunday night. She loved her Granny with all her heart, Brittany gave her the name Granny. Her grandma was so special, and a wonderful person. In fact her birthday was six days before her Grannys on Christmas day.
Granny had three biological children, two daughters and two sons. The youngest son was Brittany’s father, but they had no contact with each other. Things were just better that way. Her children had children who had children. The family continued to grow. Her Granny made sure every one was happy. There was always something for the kids to do no matter what the situation was all because of her. Brittany was surrounded by love and enjoyment.
Her grandmother always made sure everything was fine for everybody. A smile was kept on all the faces of the family. No matter what the circumstances were. She made everything good.
Brittany moved out after her third grade year of school and went back home. But she stayed at the same school for fourth grade. She still saw her grandmother as usual.
Until the year of 2002 her grandmother became sick. Shortly before then Brittany started fading away but still kept in touch. People change when they get older. When she found out about her Granny’s illness, Brit called nonstop. Until the last call and she was no more. She died due to lung cancer.
Her funeral was very devastating. Everyone was dressed in red as she had wanted. Brittany’s sister and brother were there also. She had never seen her brother, but she had seen her sister form time to time. Things were so different after she passed. The days were gloomy and dry. She wasn’t there anymore to attract her love and make things better.
Brittany moved around a lot so she wasn’t always able to go visit liked she wanted to. Her three foster aunts then got taken in by there sister. Brittany was always invited over when ever she wanted. No phone call or anything was needed because she was always welcomed.
From what she knows her little sister moved out of state and she has no clue where her little brother is. It’s hard to know that there’s apart of you somewhere and they don’t even know that u exist. Brittany went over the house one summer for a week just to visit and spend some quality time with her family. At this time the house was now her one of closest aunts’ house. One day while she was there her father came by. They looked each other dead in the eye, but no words were exchanged.

Brittany and her aunts had got their phone numbers changed. So all contact was lost. Brittany moved and she had no way to get to them. After that things felt so wrong. The family was growing and she wasn’t there to see any of it. It seemed like everything changed. Some of Brittany’s friends went to her adopted aunts’ school but they weren’t reliable enough to help either side. So nobody was found.
Over the summer of 2007 Brittany went to the house just to visit. Thinking everybody would be home as usual but she was wrong. As she walked up to the front door things seemed a little different, the yard, the flowers, things like that. Brittany knocked on the door and a strange lady came to the door.
“Hi, how may I help you”, she said in a nice tone.
“Umm is Niecy here”, Brittany asked.
“What about Rosie, Robyn, or Renay?”
“No, I think they moved.”
“Okay thank you mam,” Brittany said with such desperation.

Time had passed and there wasn’t any contact what so ever. Until one day Brittany was at home on her computer and an unfamiliar person sent her a message on a site called facebook. It was one of her aunts and she had been looking for her just like she was looking for them. Brittany gave her aunt her cell phone number and her phone rung immediately. Brittany was so happy to hear from her.
But soon after she answered the phone and calmed down the bad news came. Brittany was told her aunt had died in March and they had no way to get in touch with her. Then the tears started pouring down her face like running water. It was so sudden and she felt so hurt and angry. She would’ve never thought that her aunt had died months ago and she did not know. Brittany was devastated for a whole week.
The next week Brittany finally got over it. By this time it was Brittanys’ birthday December 19th . She invited all of her cousins and aunts to her party. She wasn’t upset though. They did call her and apologized for not coming. Not even a whole week later was Christmas. Brittany was trying to go visit them but they weren’t in a permanent place.
Her aunt calls and they talk and everything is fine. Brittany still hasn’t seen them. She will see them real soon she knows it. She just wants to see them before something else happens and she doesn’t know about it.

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