January 8, 2008
By Meghan Hille, Mequon, WI

I can’t believe the last thing I said to my father was that I hated him, thought Kasey to herself as she sat in the waiting room of St. Jude’s Hospital. Why did I have to beg him to let me go to Jake’s party? If I would have just left it alone, my dad would’ve never stormed out and none of this would be happening. As Kasey sat with disbelief awaiting news from the doctors, she continuously replayed Officer Poll’s explanation of what happened to her father.

“ Your father’s car was t-boned by a semi while he was driving through the Mckinley and Bolter intersection. The driver of the semi ran a red light and hit the driver’s side of your father’s car. I’m so sorry to have to tell you this; our thoughts are with you and your family,” he had said.

Her eyes blackened with mascara as tears streamed down her face. Flashbacks of her and her father played over and over. Her body trembled as the man in white approached her with a concerned look upon his face. For a split second, time stood still and all she could hear was the sound of her heart beating against her chest. She could tell from the doctor’s expression that he was about to break the news that would change her life forever. The doctor started to speak “I’m sorry but…” was all she heard before her heart dropped into her stomach. Those two simple words felt like needles piercing through her heart. Every word after seemed meaningless to her, all she could think of were the last words she had screamed at her father. I hate you, she thought, only this time she screamed at herself.

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Lothro SILVER said...
on Oct. 25 2010 at 9:23 pm
Lothro SILVER, Mequon, Wisconsin
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hello. i too live in mequon. its good to have another writer in our small town. editing each other's works will be helpful and benifitial, if you would like. i hope to hear more from you. fellow mequonite.

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