It Was a Dark Winter Night

January 8, 2008
By taylor bertram, Clarkston, MI

It was a dark winter night, it was cold, and the air had a nice bite. I passed two big men standing on the street.

“Move it boy.” they said

“You can’t tell me what to do.”
I was shaking I was so scared, one of them was twice the size of me. I was shaking so bad that my fingers went numb. My hands made a fist, my knuckles were turning white the adrenaline was rushing inside of me.

“Boy you don’t want to mess with us, we will kill you.”
I ran as fast as I could it was so cold I could not feel my feet. I did not think that I was going to make it home. When I got there my family had just got home and the heat was turned way up and the house felt so good. My dad opened the window where I was standing. The wind caught my face and I stood there shivering.

“Dad shut the window. I am cold and I have something important to talk to you

“Go ahead son.”

“well on my way home there were these two guys that stopped me on the street
and started messing with me, I don’t want to walk home any more I am scared
that they are going to be there to get me. Maybe they followed me home and they
are waiting for me to come out of the house and will kill me like they said they

“Son don’t worry about it they were probably some guys just messing around
with you and wanted to scare you a little bit because you probably got smart
with them first, you know how you are always running you mouth.”
In my mind I was thinking about what could happen to me. I was only 16 years old and the guys were so big that they would be able to hurt me. Time has gone by Mom made dinner we had fish sticks and macaroni and cheese. We always get the story of how my mom and her family would have this for dinner every Friday when she was a little girl. Later on that night I was getting ready for bed and my dad walked into my room

“Son, can I talk to you?”

“Yes dad what do you want, to make fun of me some more.”

“No son I want to talk to you about what you told me earlier you know about the
two guys.”


“Well if they give you any more trouble just let me know and we will take care of

“Thank you dad.”

I laid there in bed wondering about the walk to school it could be even worst then the time that I was chased by the dog that was as big as a horse. He had really big teeth and growled the whole time he chased me. I was so scared but probably not as scared as I will be tomorrow. I hope that I will make it. I woke up in the morning and my mom made me breakfast as she rushed to get ready for work.

“Good morning mom.”

“Good morning hurry up and eat your breakfast and get off to school.”

“Ok mom.”
I got ready to leave and walked outside the sun was shining but it was still cold out. If I saw those guys I don’t know if I would get away because my feet felt like they were stuck to the ground. I got to second street. I hate this part of town it’s a bad neighborhood, I got almost to the ally where I last saw the two guys. I was shaking so bad I wanted to find another way to walk, but all the streets led to this part of town. I got passed the ally and there was nobody or at least I could see it was still dark out because the days where so short. I walked about 20 feet passed the ally and I felt a hand on my shoulder I screamed and then they grabbed me.

“Hey boy what did we tell you?”

“You can’t tell me what to do.”
I studerred all my words because it was so cold out.

“Since you don’t know how to listen now you must pay us for not hurting you but
we still can if you don’t do what we say. There is a kid from your school that was
giving us some trouble like you have and it’s his turn to be taken care of.”


“Brad walker we caught him in our territory and got his lip going. I guess he did
not know who we are. We assigned him a very special job and didn’t not follow
through and now you will have to kill him for us.”

“I won’t do it.”

“Then we will have to kill you right now.”

“Ok I will see what I can do.”

“If any one finds out what you are doing then your family will pay for it right in
front of your eyes. Do you want that to happen?”

“No sir.”

“If you don’t believe me than I guess you will find out so don’t test me I don’t
think that you want to kill your family.”

“Ok man what do you want me to do?”

“We will meet you here in the ally when you get out of school. You better be

“I will.”
I was so scared when I got to school I did not know what I should do so I let it eat at me the whole day. At lunch I could not eat because I was so worried and then sixth hour came and it was almost time to go home and I knew what was going to happen on the walk home. Oh no the bell rang I wish I had to stay after today. I started walking home and got to the ally and the two guys where there liked promised.

“Ok here is what you are going to do for us.”


“You are going to bring Brad home with you one day and we will be here to meet
you. Then we will take him from there. You have a week from today so that means

“That does not give me much time.”

“So you better do it on time or it’s your turn.”

“All right all right I will do my best.”

“No you will do it or else.”
I finished my walk home thinking about how I am going to do this or how I can get these two bad guys caught. When I got home my dad was there to greet me at the door”

“Hey son how was your day?”



“Well I meet those two guys again on my way home and they gave me an option,
they said that they would kill me if I don’t bring my best friend Brad to them.”

“What do they want from him?”

“I think they want to kill him.”

“No they don’t, I bet that they are just scaring you.”

“Yea right.”

“Well, do you want me to get you some help?”


“We can get the police involved.”

“Will they help?”

“We will head over there in a half hour we got to get all the facts straight”
I talked with my dad some more so that we could go get some help. Time has gone by and I have calmed down a little. My dad and I got in the car to head down to the police station.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“As ready as I will ever be.”
We got to the police station and went inside.

“Hi can I help you.” the woman at the front counter

“Yes my son might be in some trouble and maybe his friend too, who can I talk

“Well let me get the sheriff.”

“Hi I am sheriff Mahoney how can I help you?”

“Well my son is in some trouble and it may involve some other people can you

“Yes tell me the whole story.”

We where there for a long time and we talked about what has happened and what they want me to do. We got right down to business and called Brads parents, they rushed down to the police station and we told them the story. They were very surprised about what was going on with there own kid and they did not even know the time was going on nine, every one was tired and we now have the plan to catch the bad guys. Finally Friday came and there are already a lot of people at my house, we found out that we are not the only people that have come to the police station about these two men. Come to find out the police have been looking for them for a long time.

“Good morning mom.”

“Good morning are you ready for today?”

“I want to take these guys down.”

“We will get them off the streets today and they won’t be able to harm anyone

“Ok mom.”
I left for school and an undercover cop followed me to school and on the way there we met the guys. They seemed worried and were very short with me.

“Hey man its Friday I expect you to deliver today.”

“You will get what is coming for you as soon as I get out of school. Today he will
be right here with me.”

“Good we have been waiting a long time to get this kid back for what he did to

“Are you going to leave me alone after this?”

“It depends on how you treat us after wards, if you get an attitude you will get
what’s coming to.”

“What ever man.”

“Watch you mouth that is not how you talk to us you are lucky that we don’t
make you say sir or even master.”

“I will see you guys later.”
I was nervous all day at school we had one more meeting on how everything was going to go down. Now it is the end of the day and the time has come, Brad is walking home with me, he is more nervous than I am I think

“What do you think will happen if they don’t catch them?” Brad said.

“Don’t even worry about it now. Worry only if that happens.”
We got to the ally and sure enough they are there like they promised but they looked nervous.

“I see you have done your job but we have decided that it is not enough we are
going to kill you along with brad.”

“No I don’t think so we will see about that.”

“Freeze put your hands up.” the cops come running at us.
Both of the guys grabbed us and started to run. I hoped that the cops will catch them soon I am very scared and I am not sure what they will do to us. About five minutes later they got both of the guys down, everyone was excited and now I could walk home in peace, the officer walked over to us.

“Good work boys.”

“Thanks.” we said

“Now we have the bad guys off the street thanks to your help.”
My dad walked over to me

“Let’s go home it’s time for dinner.”

“Thanks for believing me dad.”

“That is what I am here for.”
We went home mom was very glad that we were alright and the two guys were caught. When dinner was over we all went into the living room and the news was on TV

“Live from local three, there have been two fugitives caught today, they are
wanted for crimes all over the city thanks to the help of two high school student’s those two men are in custody
thank you I am Gale, action three news.”

“Sweet everyone knows what we did, I can’t believe it made the news.”

“Don’t be a bragger.” mom said
Later I went to bed and laid there and thought about what has happened today, and I am glad that it is all over.

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