What happened at the end of Beauty and the Beast?

January 8, 2008
Every year, Hollywood writes a fractured folk tale about Cinderella. You know weird girl, guy falls in love with her, step mom and sisters are evil, Get together and live happily ever after. Well let’s just pretend that I'm one of those famous movie producers and writing a fractured folk tale, only I'm writing about Beauty and the Beast. So the story starts when Belle breaks the spell, the beast turns human; they have a ball at the end, and live happily ever… or do they?

Well after the credits, what you didn’t see might ruin your love for fairy tales, forever. So after the huge ball the Beast throws for no reason at all, there is a huge argument. Belle was distraught, her and the beast got in this huge argument. Belle’s dream was to get married to some handsome loving gentleman, but the Beast wasn’t up for that commitment yet. So Belle sat in her never-ending library of millions upon millions of books, nice squashy arm chairs, a huge warm fire place, small circular tables, and of course the long ladder., weeping. She was trying her best to recover from the battle with the Beast. Beast on the other didn’t care what Belle thought, he didn’t need to be loved anymore since the spell has broken, plus all of the servants were happy now that they weren’t inanimate objects anymore, they were free to eat what they want, when they want, and where they want. So now the servants were getting plump, fat, and lazy, when Belle walked in, no oopsadaise.

Belle was in the library, with her only company, the magical mirror. This gave her time to look at her father. How she missed him, his funny jokes, crazy inventions, and most of all his kindness. Here for her was a jail. Everyone here was mean, careless, and lazy. She missed him and than made up her mind; she was going to run away.

Belle ran up to her enormous bedroom, packed her clothes in a small traveling pack, grabbed the last remaining food from the kitchen, and sprinted out of the enormous gates.

When she reached her fathers cottage, her father greeted her in his house with a warm loaf of bread and hot vegetable soup. Yumm, her favorite food.

“So why have you come home?” asked Belle’s father, “Hasn’t the newly prince been treating you fairly?”

“He doesn’t love me,” wept Belle “he only cares for himself these days and he wont marry Me.” she carried on.

“That is too bad” Said Belle’s father giving Belle a sympathetic hug.
So the story goes on that Belle stayed at her house, trying to start a new life. Belle works at the bakery as an assistant chef and is making a pretty good profit.

Back when Belle left, “Prince Beast” went up to her room to tell her to come eat her daily meal of bread and cheese when he noticed that she wasn’t there, nor at the library, or in the ballroom. He had his entire servants search the whole castle, when the servants came to say that she had run away, the Beast looked happy.

“Finally no more baby sitting that brat anymore,” said the Beast.

“But won’t the spell be cast on us again?” asked his faithful servant, Lumear in a French accent.
“Nonsense,” said the Beast, “there is no way that the wicked witch will find this castle.”

During the night they had an unexpected visitor. It was the white witch. But this time she didn’t wait to have the door open for her, she just said the magical words and left a rose on the porch. When the prince and his servants woke up, they were very confused. All of a sudden they were back to all of the objects that they were before.

“Lumear,” cried the Beast, “go and fetch Belle and bring her back so that she can break the spell again.

So Lumear set off towards Belle’s house, but he had his own plan. He and Belle had been having secret meetings and been falling in love. And now this was his chance. He made it to Belle’s house. And with her father gone, he could pop the question with out interference.

He did and they ran off together, Lumear changed back to human after she said yes. But the others stayed the same and never were able to change back.

Back at the castle, the Beast went into the library to try to get his mind off of things. When he went in there, he saw something shiny on the small reading table. He went over and saw that it was his magic mirror, the one that he could him what he truly wanted. He looked into the mirror, and nothing changed. At that moment the Beast realized his selfishness, and wept.

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