The Seven Chairs

January 8, 2008
By Chris Whitty, Hopkinton, MA

“The first was made of gold fit for the one true king. The second was brought to justice with the gods. The third was brought to the islands of man never to be seen again. The fourth was set into stone waiting for the fit. The fifth one ended up in France. The sixth one was set adrift at see. The seventh one was… The seventh one was… Hmmm, that’s funny there seems to be some of this scroll missing.” The minister read to Arthur.
“I shall go and find these seven chairs. I shall be king!” Arthur said boldly.
Later that day Arthur assembled his knights and set off on the epic adventure to assemble the strongest empire in the world.
When he was just about to leave he heard a faint ghostly sounding voice. “Arthur… the next king of England. Come to me… Come to me…”
Arthur couldn’t help himself. He got up slowly and headed to the door.
“Where are you going”, Sir Lancelot said confused and worried.
Arthur didn’t answer and kept going. The door opened as if the place was enchanted. The hinges creaked and the door squeaked open. Arthur still under a trance headed to the lake in the middles of the woods. In the lake a long female hand reached out of the water and held up a sword. The hand kept emerging longer, longer, longer, till a naked body emerged. The lady handed Arthur the sword.
“I shall call this sword Excalibur!” Arthur shouted. He came back to reality as the lady went back to the murky depths of the water.
“What… Where am I” Arthur thought to him self feeling a bit funny as if someone was watching him. He thought that the probably sleep walked. After a bit of thinking it occurred to himself that it was impossible since it was in the afternoon and he sleeps only at night. Arthur went back to the castle and off he went with his nights to find the seven chairs. They traveled for a long while and came to a cavern in the middle of nowhere.
“Where is this?” Arthur said as he pounded on the door to the tavern.
The tavern opened and a short old man peered out. “This is the tavern of the woods.” The old man said.
Arthur and his knights set foot into the tavern. The tavern was buzzing with energy. It had what seemed like thousands of people. One of them, a tall cloaked figure that looked sketchy and out of the ordinary, came over to Arthur and pulled him to the side. “I have been expecting you” the sketchy man said in a low whisper. “I know what you are after.” He whispered.
“What, are you going to help me or something of the sorts?” Arthur asked.
“Yes, the gods have sent me to aid you in finding the seven chairs.” He said unaware that he was too loud. The entire tavern turned silent and looked at the man.
“It is only a myth, it is not real” the cloaked man said.
The entire tavern went back to its normal liveliness. The cloaked man took them out of the tavern and to the river.
“Where are you taking us?” Arthur asked confused.
“I am taking you to the island of man.” The cloaked man said.
Off they went to the island of man and landed. When they got there they noticed that the island was in ruins like it was pillaged thousands of years ago. Arthur took off to find the person in charge. He kept searching and searching and eventually came to a castle. He came to the door and knocked on the door with a giant knocker. Tap, tap, tap, the knocker made a loud noise that seemed to fill the entire castle. The door opened and to his amazement, Arthur found a scroll. It had the missing part of the myth he was red at home. It read, “The seventh will bring total destruction and finding these entire chair will end mankind as we know it. Find only the chair with exactly 7 diamond across each arm and you will have unlimited power.” The scroll vanished with a puff of smoke. Arthur went back to his knights and the cloaked man was gone. Never to be heard of again.

Arthur and his knights set off to find the chair. They searched and searched for over twenty years. None of them could ever find the chair. They searched France, Scotland, whales, England, and the entire island of Ireland. They finally came back home after about twenty years of searching to find that the entire kingdom was taken over by Robin Hood. They stormed into the castle hall to find that the chair they were searching for was found by Robin Hood.
“I have decided to steal from the rich and give to myself.” Robin Hood said laughing hysterically.
Arthur who wanted the chair took out his sword ready to fight Robin Hood.
“Robin Hood stand down and fight me for this kingdom.” Arthur said as his men stepped back.
Robin and Arthur fought an epic battle. They slashed at each other for several hours. After five hours both were becoming exhausted. Robin Hood tool a couple of lazy swings as Arthur was trying extremely hard to lift his heavy sword.
“What have you done with my sword” Arthur said.
“Oh nothing; I just made your sword out of led.” Robin Hood said as bolts of energy sprang from his hands towards Arthur’s sword.
Robin Hood tried to run but couldn’t move much due to his energy was drained from using that spell on Arthur. Arthur then ran up to Robin Hood’s side and used all of his strength. He lifted his sword and put it up to Robin Hood’s neck.
“Surrender the castle and the rule of England.” Arthur said.
Robin Hood took a pouch off his belt.
“Arthur take this as a token of surrender.” Robin Hood said as he was about to hand Arthur the pouch.
Robin Hood took the pouch and quickly opened it onto Arthur. Out of the pouch was a bit of dust. Robin Hood vanished in a puff of purple dust.
Arthur got off, dusted himself off, and headed back to the castle. When he returned he was surrounded with people who heard of the fight and wondered what happened between Arthur and Robin Hood. Arthur was too tired to answer questions so he went to the throne room and sat in the jeweled chair and slept through the night. In the morning he awoke to the sound of trumpeters and a fanfare. He opened the door and to his amazement there was a celebration. He was going to be crowned king. He walked down the red carpet to the pope who gave him the crown.
“I here by pronounce you King Arthur of England” The pope said.
“Long live King Arthur! Long live King Arthur!” The crowd shouted in unison.
After the party King Arthur went back into the castle to reign as one of England’s best kings for over 80 years till e grew old. He passed the crown down to his son who was to also rule with an iron fist. The credits started playing as the entire audience left the theater to go to there own separate ways.

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