Learning to Drive

January 7, 2008
By Jon Samuel, Palatine, IL

Learning to drive can be simplified into a series of simple steps for the young, soon to be driver. These are primarily included in first getting behind the wheel, obtaining ones license, and finally driving on ones own. By following the proceeding advice, anyone can take the quick, painless route to driving soon.

After obtaining a driving permit, the first step to take is going out driving with parents. Always make sure that the parent is in an argumentative mood before driving, as this will make for a more pleasant experience in learning to drive. Climb in the car and immediately tune out there instructions, as one already obviously knows everything from drivers ed. class. The best place to start is typically in an empty parking, so start the car and immediately peel out of the parking space like there is a plane to catch. Ignore any parent’s shouts, as they are simply trying to distract one from taking advantage of the space provided by the larger empty parking lot. After completing this task, one is ready for the open road. Now all one must remember is that the signs only apply if police are present and anything that ones parent does while driving is also acceptable behavior for oneself, such as tailgating and speeding. Once again, parents are to be ignored, as one is the true expert now. After completing this phase, one is finally ready to move on to a driving instructor.

When driving with an instructor, the most important thing to remember is that the brake pedal that the instructor has is there for a reason and is meant to be used. For this, make sure to frequently “forget” to stop and keep the instructor on their toes. Along with this, jerky stops and accelerations are totally acceptable, as well as other forms of recklessness, as the instructor will undoubtedly approve of the show of skill.

When going to the DMV, it is important to remember a few things. First of all, when waiting to be called to fill out ones paperwork, it is important to brag of ones superior driving, obviously entertaining all around oneself and the employees. Once done here, the driving test is the next step. Once ones driving instructor enters the car the fun begins. In order to assure that the test is passed, one must provide the instructor with a memorable driving experience. Hard turns and speeding is advised, as this is sure to grab the instructor’s attention. After completing the test, the final step is to receive your license. Looking ones best for the picture is unnecessary, as the license is rarely used as a photo id. Along with this, it is important to provide an unrecognizable signature to allow one to make future changes.

After following these simple steps, one is ready to hit the open road on their own. The last advice is this. First, remember that as a young, inexperienced driver, that reckless, aggressive driving is expected, so one should live up to this role. Also, excessive speeding is fine, as long as no one is around to give a ticket. And one final note should be observed and remembered by anyone taking the road alone for the first time. The rules are there for one reason: to be broken.

By following the simple and logical steps provided, any young, anxious, future driver can have a safe and pleasant experience in the process of learning to drive. One can follow these steps to the letter and positive results can be expected on both tests and from instructors praise. Finally, one last thing to keep in mind is to always buckle up. Or not.

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