Imperfect Places

January 7, 2008
By Rachelle Balzer, Avela, PA

Daemen stared at the three story house build way back in the days before him. Daemen was 17 years old, built like an average boy, and very tall. The house before him was withering away at the seems. Daemen had one goal and that was to enter the house to show his friends that he was not a coward that he could face the music. He could do everything his friends could do, maybe even better then they could.
His hands began to burn, his chest rose then fell to his heavy breathing. His new blue jeans felt tight on his legs as his muscles tightened ready for whatever he was about to see. His short T-shirt was black, making his top almost invisable in the mid-night air. He was alone before the house as he began to walk the stairs up tothe broken door. Slowly he opened the door, the hinges cried out as the dark musty air wooshed by him. The house was darker then he thought in the night, spider webs and the dust covered every inch of the place. Daemen walked on the wooden floor across to the what couldhave been a dinner room for five or more. Fake plants sat upon the old table along with a cake. The cake was green, eatten out by the mice of the house.
"hello?" Daemen voice didn't echo in the house instead it seem to go no where. Daemen made his way to the kitchen, knives hung from the middle on the kitchen above a wodden counter top. Daemen didn't pay tomuch attention till the clanging began. He tossed his head back towards the knive tosee each one swung steadily back and forth. The dust was removed in someplaces, making the indents of finger prints.
"How's there?" Daemen said, his hands shaking when the small freeze began torock back and forth. Daemen said to himself over and over that he was not scared. Lifting freezer lid inside was nothing more then a small bird. Daemen left the freezer open while he quickly moved into another room. It was one he didn't know what to call, sheets laid over small objects on the wooden floor. Aloud scream filled the air when Daemen touched one of the sheets.
"what is going on here?" Daemen closed his eyes and then began to count to ten.
"It's not real." he whispered, an ice cold chill touched his ears as a girl voice whispered gently into his ear.
"Of course it's real Daemen. Why wouldn't it be real?" Daemen opened his eyes turning around to see no one, but he was not in the sheets room anymore. Daemen focused his eyes around the place he was. Stairs leading up and down left and right, some were even twisted in a circle. Daemen stood in the center of it all on a small platform. Why did he have to do this to prove to his friend he was just as brave as them, why did he ever enter the house?
"Over here Demen." His head twisted to meet the eyes of a little girl in a long white gown. She stood upside down facing Daemen.
"How did you get upside down like that?' Daemen walked towards her as she tok afew steps back.
"Your the one upside down silly." daemen looked up as the ground came closer to his head till he hit another set of stairs. The girl stood above Daemen giggling.
"Follow." Her voice echoed through the stairsways. Turning and moving all in one motion Daemen hurried tohis feet and ran after her.

Daemen knew he was runing upside down and right side up for a while before he stopped, breathing heavy.
"How much longer?" The ground under Daemen began to shake and twist, till daemen felt himself sinking.
"Wait." he yelled, as the girl watched him sink into darkness.
The darkness faded to the light of the sun. Daemen stared up at his friends who were over looking him on the ground.
"Did you go in?" they all began to ask at once.
"yea." Daemen got up to his feet looking down at his hand. In his hand was his friend ipod, a song playing in one ear and out the other.
"well?" His friend stared at him a smile across his face.
"Your right, Your ipod magic." His friend only smiled as he turned his eyes up to the house.
"This is just the beginning my friend."

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