The Friendship That Was Impossible

January 7, 2008
By Asia Smith, Clarkston, MI

“Why have you not told me?” Paige said to Kimberly in an aggravated voice.
Kim replied “I thought you wouldn’t understand, and you wouldn’t want to speak to me anymore”
“Well, maybe if you had told me right away I wouldn’t be so mad at you, ya think?” Paige said back.
Kim delayed and then said “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”
“I don’t know if I can forgive you Kim I need time to think”.
Paige and Kimberly met for the first time in eighth grade. One kind of quiet, and reserved, and the other loud and energetic. They hit it off pretty well and it wasn’t long before they grew to become best friends. They equaled each other out, they were the perfect friends, they never got into any fights and they barely argued. They each had their separate problems at home and their different friends at school, but they never let it interfere with their friendship. They went everywhere together. They were inseparable. It was just another normal day of hanging out at Paige’s house, when Kimberly just blurted out that she was moving.
As Paige gazed in amazement she said “When?”
Kimberly soon replied “In a couple weeks”.
Paige was in shock, even though Kimberly had always spoken about moving to Cadillac, the place they wanted to move was about 2 hours away at her cabin. But Paige never really thought that it would actually happen. Paige sat for a long time, pondering the thought will their friendship ever be the same. Will they lose touch, or will they stay in contact? Kimberly positively responded “Don’t worry. Everything will be just like it always has been.”
Paige just smiled and glanced at her and replied “Yeah it will.” Though she was secretly thinking deep down No it won’t, we will drift apart and soon forget each other.
The next couple of weeks were terrible for the friends. They tried to hang out together as much as possible before Kim had to leave. They were just too busy. Kim had to spend a lot of time with her relatives that she wasn’t going to see for a while and Paige had to work all the time. When they finally had heard from each other, it was on the phone, and Kim said that she was moving that day and that she wanted to see Paige before she left. They met up at the mall and talked for hours about anything and everything. After they were done talking they both went their separate ways. Even though they kept in contact for a couple months after, it wasn’t the same. Kim had visited a few times, and they hung out when she did, but Paige was not aloud to drive to Kim’s house by herself.
As the months progressed, soon a year goes by, they barely spoke also they acquired many new friends. Paige receives a phone call and she wonders who it is, she picks up the phone and a energetic voice is on the other end,
Paige felt certain that it was Kim, she was crying on the other end and eventually blurts out “I had a baby 4 months ago.” Paige was speechless. She had no idea if she was kidding or being honest. She was in doubt, she just didn’t want to believe that Kim could have had a baby and not have told her supposedly best friend.
Paige finally said “Are you serious? No. You can’t be serious. You’re joking right?”
Kimberly quickly answered “Yes. I’m serious. I would never lie about something like that.”
Paige wondered why she would not tell her that was pregnant. Kim was always the type of person who was very open about everything. Especially, if she was close to you. And Paige was the type of person who, no matter what, would always be there to listen to anything anyone would tell her and never repeat it to anyone. They told each other everything but it just so happens this one thing that is most important she would not tell her. Kim was so confused and hurt. Paige’s hand trembled as she sat there thinking about what had just happened. She looked over at the phone sitting next to her and debated about calling her back. Then she thought about all the things Kim didn’t tell her, but she thought about it again and chose to call her back. She slowly picks up the phone and starts to dial the number, once she has finished, it starts to ring and then Kim picks up the phone and says in a shaky voice “hello?” Paige replied back “I’m so sorry for hanging up on you; I know that it must have been hard telling me, and you must have been afraid of what I would have thought.”
Kim replied “Yes. Of course. I was you’re my best friend. I don’t want you to think badly of me.”
Paige said “I would never had thought bad of you. You of all people should know that, I would have just been shocked like I am now.” Then Kim and Paige chatted on the phone for awhile about what all had happened during the time that they didn’t talk and how their families were doing. They both were happy to talk to each other again, but in a way they both knew that now for sure things would never be the same. Now Paige was thinking that Kim was different from her because she had a baby and she might be more mature than she is.
A month later Kim drove down to where Paige lived showed up at her door and was shocked.
Kim said in a hurry “Hey girl. What’s up?”
Paige replied back “Nothing much, When did you get here and what are you doing here?”
Kim said “Just a few minutes ago, I wanted to surprise you!”
“Well you totally did” Paige said with a confused look. “Well then get in here gurlie”
Kim laughed and said “Why, thank you.” Paige looked at Kim’s baby and thought wow, what an adorable baby, they must be very happy together Paige thought. They talked about everything even the old stories. When Paige and Kim were younger they always said that they were going to go to Silver Lake together and climb the sand dunes, but then when Kim told her that she had a baby. Paige instantly thought that they would never get to do that. So when there was an awkward silence
Paige asked “So what ever happened to going to go to Silver Lake?”
Kim replied “I don’t know. I guess we just got really busy.”
Paige said back “yea I hope so, because that would be really fun I think” but in reality she knew that it would never happen. Kim stayed and talked for a while and they just thought back to when they used to hang out all the time. Then about 20 minutes later Kim decided to leave. They said goodbye and Paige gave the baby a kiss on the forehead and said goodbye. Kim then walked out the door.
Three months passed and Paige was driving home from work. As she just happened to look over at the passenger’s seat she sees her phone lighting up, so she picked up the phone and hears “hey what’s up girlie?”

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