It's Good

January 7, 2008
By payden nolen, Hamilton, TX

It’s good
I was breathing hard

The game was almost over
Only one more touchdown and we win the championship
My coach called timeout to let us catch our breath
We were on our ten with one minute left
I thought we were doomed
My coach called a pass to our tight-end
I was Second down; the play was a sweep to the running-back
I yelled frustrated and over threw him
I said hut and pitched him the ball
Oh no I thought I saw the ball come loose
I dive for the ball hoping for the best
I landed on the ball flat on my chest
We were now on our own five yard line with forty five seconds left
The coach called for another time-out from our sideline
He yelled my name and told me the play
It was quarterback sneak to the right
I knew the game was going to be tight
I yelled hit with so much confidence
I took the ball from the center, and took off running
From the five to the other end zone I ran
I was so happy I made the touchdown to tie the game
We all crossed our fingers so that our kicker would make it
The kick is up, it’s good

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