Band with NO Music

January 7, 2008
By david nacy, Clarkston, MI

Bang, pound, thump, all the sounds of someone banging with the force of a bull on the door are coming in loud and clear, until a voice yells on the other side "Dude!…Johnny get out of bed. We are almost to the next stop."
"Get real bro. Until we get in the parking lot I ain't gettin up," Yelled Johnny through all the knocking on his door.
"Fine, but you don't get any food if you sleep through the next stop
"What ever." Replied Johnny sleepily
Johnny Napalm rolled over and yanked his covers back over his head. Doing this blocked out most of the sound from the buses roaring engine that his bunk was on top of. With one leg hanging off of the bunk just so he could fit, his lengthy body was crammed in his uncomfortably small bed. His band was on a cross country tour, making tons of money, and living the rock star life. And they still couldn't get a bus with a bigger bed.
"I guess getting up wont be so bad, and the food would be nice" Johnny muttered to himself.
Johnny and his band may have hit it big, but they were the underdog of the music world, playing in a genre that not many people are fans of much more, ska punk. It was very hard to make it into the big music scene. But hey, that doesn’t matter to the band. The band is just doing what they love.
Finally, they were on their way to their first stadium show with thousands of people. It's even bigger than the vans warp tour. So Johnny dragged himself out of bed put on his ripped up skinny jeans and British t-shirt with the sleeves torn off. And walked out of the bedroom and into the small kitchen where he fixed himself a bowl of cereal.
"DUDE…put that away man we are stopping at a diner in about 10 minutes away." Said the drummer.
"Alright sounds fine to me, beats this crap." Replied Johnny.
"For sure" said the rest of the band

10 minutes later and the band arrive at the diner. Dying of starvation from a long fifteen hour road trip, they all dashed out of the bus like wolves. And made a bee line straight to the diner door, and right to a table with out being seated.
"Ya'll must be hungry; I’ll be right over in a second." Says a waitress with a very southern accent that clearly says she has probably never been any where 10 miles out side her little town in North Carolina
“Sounds great to us." replied the bass player.
“Whose turn is it to pay?" Johnny asks
"It's your turn Johnny!" .
"No way, I paid last time." Snapped Johnny.
"Dude that was two months ago!" said the drummer lazily.
"Oh alright” Johnny said grumpily as he looked through his wallet
"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea getting out of bed now I have to pay for everyone." Johnny thought. So the waitress came back over and took everyone's order, gave them their drinks, got them their food, and their bill soon there after. They ate everything off the plates, not a scrap or sliver of food was left. The waitress was almost disgusted with the way the band ate their food. After Johnny paid the bill, everyone started to slowly head out to the bus.
"Holy crap!" exclaimed the singer.
"Someone broke into our bus." the drummer said in shock.
"NO duh…they also took our equipment from the trailer." Johnny replied
The bus was beat up, the door handle was picked and won't keep the door shut, a side window was broken, and the cargo bay doors were still open with all the gear gone. The bus was now in sad shape. What once was a nearly new tour bus, with chrome rims, nice leather, and a really cool hotrod flame paint job. Now looked like some second hand R.V. that someone tried to fix from the junkyard. The band stood in awe searching for the rest of their things making sure about what was and what wasn't there. There was nothing they could do.
"How could this have happened?" the singer asked
"I know man we were only in there for like 20 minutes, this is just crazy." Replied Johnny
"How can we play with no drums, guitars, amps, or anything?"
"I'm not sure; I think we should just go show up and beg for other people's equipment… I think that The Triple Threat should be there maybe they would let us barrow their stuff. That’s the only shot we have at even playing."
"We don't have any other choice dude"
“Alright but we have got to file a police report because if we don’t and we find out stuff then we can’t get it back?”
After an hour the cops show up to hear what happened. Then the band told them what they had found. Then the cops had left, and the band resultantly got what remaining items they still have and packed them back into the bus. Then headed towards there destination of North Carolina. The rest of the trip seemed to take ages. And the band members were all tense, nervous, angry, and used. 10 hours later the band pulls into the stadium for their big battle of the bands.
"Whoa…there is like 40 bands here no way we can’t get some instruments to use." Said Johnny hopefully.
"Yeah I know I was thinking the same thing" the drummer replied
So after pulling in and signing in the band split up and decided to find instruments to barrow. An hour goes by and so far all they could find was a little practice amp. Defeated they all just got in the bus and decided to wait and think about what to do.
“I’m going to look again; I will be back when ever.” Johnny said
“Yeah go ahead.” Said the singer.
Johnny got up, put on his leather jacket, and went out the door. Getting around Johnny realized how sweet this place would have been if they had their instruments. Booze, cigarettes, girls, and the best kind of music Johnny has heard. The biggest and best bands were here too, all the famous people walking around, but with no instruments Johnny couldn’t show them how good he and the rest of his band can be. This is such a drag is all Johnny could think about. Walking around with all the people, Johnny spotted a small band with a fairly large crowd jamming in a tent.
“Why not? We can’t play I might as well enjoy someone else’s music,” he thought to himself.
Walking up to the small tent Johnny started to watch the band play. They were alright, his band would have been so much better though. No matter where they played they treated the crowd a lot better.
“Thank you, for taking your time to listen to us, we are Morris mortis from New York New York” said the bass player from the mike
As the guitar started to go into an easy going riff Johnny realized that the guitar had a lot of stickers from places that are local to Clarkston Michigan where he is from. The pine knob sticker, the Clarkston marching band sticker, and the motor city guitar stickers were all there. For a band from New York this was very strange, and then he realized that throes were his instruments. His heart racing with excitement he called up his band straight away.
“Dude guys get up here, I found the guys that took all our stuff…and BRING THE COPS!” Johnny yelled into his phone.
“WHAT! You found our stuff! Ill be there right away” replied a voice over Johnny’s phone.
5 minutes goes by and Johnny sees his band walking up to him with a police officer.
“So what seems to be the problem here boys?” asked an officer
“Well you see sir, our instruments were stolen a day ago and I have reason to believe that a band over there may have been the ones that have taken out instruments.” Johnny said nervously. The cops always make him uneasy.
“What would make you say that?”
“Well they say they are from New York, but they have all Clarkston stickers on their instruments. And that is where our band is from…here look at our I.D.’s”
“Well did you mark your things?”
“Yeah we all had engraved our names onto the backs or the stuff we owned, even the drum kit has our names on it.”
“Well let’s go over and have a look, if you’re right we can arrest them and get your things back so that way you can play in the show tonight.” Said the cops

The cops walked over to the band mores mortis and started to have a talk. Johnny and the band stayed behind just watching, waiting to see what would happen. The cops looked at all the instruments then, slapped the hand cuffs on the band members. Johnny and the band raced up to the cops and got their stuff. Life was good again. Johnny had a great show and learned not to give up even if you think you don’t have a shot. Then the next day comes. Bang pound thump
“Johnny get out of bed!”

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