Backfire Surprise

January 6, 2008
By Khadra M., Sacramento, CA

“Come on, it won’t be so hard,” said Alex. Alex was staying over his aunt’s house while his parents were on a vacation in California for their anniversary. His aunt has three sons. The oldest was sixteen. The younger one was fifteen. And the youngest was twelve.
They loved picking on him since he was the youngest there. Ten years old. They played evil tricks on him. The first one was leaving him in the park by himself when he was totally new to the neighborhood.
He had been lost for about five hours, when finally Aunt Betsy found him at the very edge of town late that night. She scolded at him, blaming him for not following his cousins back home. Now he wanted to get even with them.
“Come on, Michael. It will be a piece of cake,” said Alex.
“Are you sure?” said Michael, “What if everything goes wrong and they die of a heart-attack.”
“My god, it won’t be so bad,” explained Alex impatiently, “After all, I didn’t die of shock when you came up to me when I was young.”
Michael was Alex’s best friend. They had a lot in common; except for the fact the Michael was a ghost. They’ve known each other for seven years now.
“You were only three years old Alex when I met you. You wouldn’t understand,” said Michael, the Ghost.
“Fine, let’s just go back to bed and forget about everything then,” said Alex with a sigh, and started heading back up the stairs. Alex knew his ghost friend very well, and knew lots of ways how to convince him.
“You know I wouldn’t forget about it that easily,” said Michael with a defeated sigh, “Ok then, let’s just hope all goes well.”
And they both did their secret good-luck handshake in the dark. Michael then floated swiftly and soundlessly down the stairs.
Alex stayed in his room for about two minutes, waiting to hear his cousins screaming for their lives. After five minutes went by, he still heard nothing.
Alex started to have doubts. So he carefully walked downstairs, and peeked inside one of the large doors, where all three of his cousins slept. First he saw nothing but complete darkness. He waited a while for his eyes to adjust. Then he looked closely at the three beds and realized they were all empty. His jaw dropped.
Where could they possibly be? He stepped inside and heard faint scraping noises, as if somebody was digging with a shovel on gravel path. What’s going on? Said Alex to himself.
He ran across the living room, stumbled out the front door, and went to the back of the house, where the scraping noise was becoming more audible. Alex was surprised to see Michael digging up three large holes in the backyard. He started putting dead bodies into them.
“I knew they were such chickens and wouldn’t last five seconds,” said Michael disgustedly.

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