I Sat in my Bed That Night...

January 4, 2008
By Rachel Marteney, Buckhannon, WV

I sat in my bed that night, it must have been well past midnight, simply thinking. I hate being put in uncomfortable situations, and this one had me in a raging war with myself. The hardest times in life come when you have to decide whether to listen to your heart or your head. This was one of those times.

It was the summer between eighth grade and high school, the big step that we were all anxiously awaiting. I was ready;I had the grades, the friends, the clothes, everything. The only thing society could say I was missing was my prince charming.

That night I was so deeply confused, I had the opportunity to complete my circle, to date one of the most kindhearted compassionate guys I know. Elliot and I were super close friends, the type that can say I love you and really mean it. He was my big brother and I was his lil sis. Everything about our friendship was perfect and that’s probably the reason we both so desperately wanted to give it a shot at something more.

Okay, okay, I know I probably sound like a love sick puppy and your wondering what the heck the problem is, just date him already. I got that reaction from a lot of people. But just like you, they hadn’t heard the rest of the story. You see, there was a catch. A very big catch actually.

Elliot had a girlfriend. A girlfriend that he was madly in love with and this girlfriend felt the same for him. For crying out loud, even their parents were in on it, already planning their wedding at the early age of fourteen.

So even the fact that Elliot had a girlfriend wouldn’t have posed a problem for me – that’s an easy fix, he could have broken up with her for me. No, unfortunately the problem was that Brit was my best friend. (Yeah, ouch right?) One of the most heart wrenching pains you have to suffer as a teen is to watch the guy of your dreams date your best friend. Trust me, I know.

Now here I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I really have feelings for this dude, but on the other hand, I can’t betray my friends either. Especially not over a guy. Yep, it was one of those everyday teenage soap operas…the drama over following the longings of your heart vs. the loyalty of friendship.

But just wait. It gets worse. Don’t ask me how, but Brit finds out. All I know is that all of a sudden, that once amazing relationship between a girl and her closet friend had been turned upside down. And why? Because of a stupid boy who we both thought was our knight in shining amour, coming to rescue us from social suicide. But really, this boy wasn’t all we had him cracked up to be. He willingly jeopardized our friendship, just to satisfy his immediate wants. He was still dating Brit, saying I love you and kissing her, yet arranging a date for us at the same time. I’m sorry to say that once I figured this out, Elliot was toast.

That night, when I was lying in my bed, I knew that in my heart that my head had made the right decision. I told my ex- big bro that I couldn’t betray Brit like that. Her friendship was irreplaceable, unlike a boyfriend that might last a couple of months at the most.

Yay!! It’s a happy ending! Brit and Rachel are bff again. Elliot learned his lesson the hard way, and all is peaceful in little Buck-Town. Haha. (That was all sarcasm if you hadn’t noticed) Well, how did things really turn out? Hmm…. Elliot hated me with a burning passion for a while, but he eventually got over that. (Remember how he was a kindhearted, compassionate person in the beginning? Well, that may have been slightly sarcastic too!) Brit and I actually grew closer together through all of this, and for now, I have earned my trust with her. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Brit and Elliot are still our madly in love, futuristic version of Romeo and Juliet. I guess you could say nothing has changed, but that would be a complete and total lie, because something has. Brit and Elliot have officially worked out every last detail of their romantic fairytale wedding. (All before the age of 15 – an amazing feat I must say!) And now they’re having the biggest dilemma deciding what to name the kids…

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