I Sat Awake at my Computer...

January 4, 2008
By Eric Hemphill, Columbus, MT

I sat awake at my computer, but knew that there was a good chance I’d fall asleep there. I had been assigned an essay, but being the procrastinator that I am, I had put it off until the day before it was due. I had the great privilege of writing about such a topic as my opinion on whether a certain blue type of bacteria should be a different species then one exactly like it except for the color – minimum 5 pages. As one can tell, I was very excited to write about this.
I started with the introductory paragraph and quickly found myself becoming more exhausted with each word that I typed. I kept on writing. I wrote until my hands formed metal hooks and I had to type each letter at a time. This was not unusual, my hands always changed into metal hooks when I got tired. I stood up and looked behind me at my bed. I took one step and fell. I looked up to see my teacher standing over me. He handed me my phone and walked off without saying a sword. I looked down at the phone, and saw that it was calling someone. I pressed my ear on the phone and listened. It was my teacher talking, the one I’d just seen a moment before. I could not hear what he was saying; yet I knew what I had to do. I had to read my essay to him. I walked over to the computer, but found only a blank page. “Where has my work gone?” I asked myself. I became both fearful and angry, but for some reason my mind had begun pulling me out of the situation.
A loud noise, like a ringing finally woke me. “I have a new text message,” was my first thought. From a friend of mine, it read “r u awake.” I looked at the clock nearest to me and saw that it was 4:35. I’ll reply to it later, I told myself. Then, it seems, it hit me with full force. I had done nothing on my paper; it had all been a dream. I still had a few hours until class, but I needed to get to work. I thought back to my dream to try and retrieve something that I had written. As usual with dreams, I could not remember a thing.
Once again, it seems I had beaten myself.

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