January 4, 2008
By Andrew Compomizzi, Coppell, TX

The day is a beautiful day, sky bright blue without a cloud in it. There’s a slight breeze that cools my hot skin. The little yellow canoe is old and ratty but, it will do for today’s studies. As I wait for my fishing line to move, I sit there looking up at the sky. What a beautiful day I think to myself, what a beautiful day. Without warning my line flinches twice. I awake from my dazed state and look at the water, Nothing. There isn’t a fish there. That’s weird I think to myself. Turning my head, gasping for breath i see the ancient great white killing machine coming towards my little canoe. Frozen, in shock, I fear to move for it might chase me, and I stand no chance. Panicking, I try to start rowing away but my efforts are in vain. Flying towards me, the shark hits my canoe on the edge with his gray battled scared nose, sending me over into the crystal blue Pacific Ocean. It happened in slow motion, hitting the water head first. Once I was in, I made the crucial mistake of thrashing around like a wounded seal. I didn’t see it but I could sense the shark wielding around immediately, heading at me like a torpedo to an enemy. As I gain awareness of my surrounding, I can see now that the shark is indeed heading straight towards me. Unable to breath from the shock and being under water I plunge upward, trying to get a swallow of that fresh sea air. I make it to the surface of the water and breathe in the crisp air. At that moment I felt peaceful, almost forgetting completely that there is a 30 foot shark right below my feet, torpedoing at me at mock speeds. As his powerful body slams into my legs, sending me into the air for a brief second, I see the blackness in his eyes turn over to white and the craze build in them. When I land he is waiting for me. Those white menacing eyes stair into mine as he takes his first bite, ripping into my side. I scream and beat the shark on his nose. Maybe it will go away. I beat at him with the same intensity which he beat me with. After a few seconds he goes without looking back. I float there as a life guard boat makes its way over to me and I stare. I stare into the great, blue sky, without a cloud.

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