Woman in Mirror

January 11, 2012
By Anonymous

It was a stormy windy night in Parsippany, NJ. The moon was crescent shaped and the crumply leaves were auburn colored; it had the feeling of fall. Arriving to the house was a creepy feeling because it was pitch dark outside and the house lights made it a little bit easier to see. A beige concrete path curved up to the three steps leading to the dark blue house.
I rang the doorbell, “ding dong.”

All of a sudden a light flickered.

“That’s weird,” I thought in my head.

A couple seconds later, Samantha opened the door. She invited me inside, and asked me to drop my book bag on her bed, and go to the purple fluffy carpet where all the girls were talking.
Samantha suggested we should try Bloody Mary the game.
“We should so try it, just to see if it's real,” Samantha said joyfully.
I knew from the group of friends that we were all thinking the same thing; we were thinking horrified. Why would she try something like that? There were so many thoughts going on through my mind, I couldn’t focus. But what I thought about the situation was that I didn’t think we should try this.

“What happens if Bloody Mary takes you and kills you,’” I screamed.

“Kassandra, I don’t think that would happen, besides what harm can she cause, I mean she’s already dead,” Samantha spoke quietly.

But her being dumb, she went into the bathroom and decided to try it out. The group of friends and I crowded around the bathroom. The lights turned off.

Samantha was looking in the mirror.

We heard her chant, “Bloody Mary, bloody Mary, bloody Mary…”

While she was waiting in the bathroom her heartbeat rushed quickly through her veins. Her senses were tingling, she got cold goose bumps, and her lip was quivering at every second. She saw a woman at the left corner of the mirror.

The lights turned off… all of a sudden, all I heard were screams.

“Kassandra get me out of the bathroom!”

“Oh, hold on I’ll get you out,” I replied with shock.
The rush of sweat dripped down my body. I remember she had given me a golden key. The golden key she gave me looked gold and the top of the key was a royal heart shape. I took the key and opened the door. I opened the door slowly Samantha came out walking slowly. She came out of the bathroom with a deep cut going down her cheekbone, she looked terrified.
The door swung out rapidly too; when she stepped out we saw a deep cut shape crescent moon along her high cheekbone. The look on her face was blank, pale white, terrified, as though she’d seen a ghost. Samantha’s eyes looked faint, fatigued as if she hadn’t slept in days. Her mouth was a pale purple color. She was hesitantly shaking with fear. It made me wonder if when she saw the image, she shuddered and blanked out. I figured that all she wanted to do was scream and cry. At this point I went running to her so that she could embrace me and I embraced her. I felt so bad, that pain she felt I had felt it too. As the minutes passed she began to open herself up as if she was unlocking a secret box that had been locked up for years.
“Samantha, what happened to your face?”
“Um, I don’t know, and I don’t want to talk about it.”
At that point we knew what had happened to her face but didn’t say a word, to not make her feel uncomfortable.

“Samantha what did you see, did you see her face,” one of the girls in the group hollered.

“I, I, I don’t know,” she spoke hesitantly crying.

“Um, what did you see?” I spoke curiously.

“There was a lady in the mirror,” she spoke hesitantly.

We figured out that lady she saw in the mirror was Bloody Mary. We tried to warm her up and not speak about the subject. It got silent for a while, than her mom eventually took her to the hospital. Samantha hasn’t talked about the subject since her experience that day.

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