From the Moment He Wakes Up

January 3, 2008
By Kelsey Jacobs, Macon, IL

From the moment he wakes up, John is in constant heartache. His one true love is gone. The relationship Claire and John had is indescribable. They both shared the same interests and had the same hates. They just went through a stressful divorce; he has a hole in his heart that can never be filled. Each day that passes, he grieves more and more. When he rolls over in bed and has no one to grab, he wonders, “Was she really here?”

He then comes to realize that the mistake he made can’t be taken back. He cheated; that is one of the hates that they both shared. After this happened, Claire decided that staying with him would be a big mistake. She cannot be with a cheater. She called the divorce a week later, and since then neither one of them has been happy. Claire, who is an attorney, cannot focus and do her job as it should be done. And John, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, has not been performing well. The constant missing of each other is all that runs through their minds day to night.

John brainstorms to think of anything he can do to win Claire’s heart back. The ideas he comes up with include: a blimp, a plane, her car, a billboard, and her boss’s approval. He wakes up at 7:00 A.M. on a Monday morning to handle his first surprise. Claire has to be at work by 8:30 A.M., so he knows exactly when to tell the pilot to take off. At approximately 8:26 A.M., a huge blue blimp is coasting over the skies of New York City. On it reads, “Claire, please be mine again!” He stands watching Claire from afar, hoping and praying she sees it. And sure enough, Claire walks into Moody’s, the building where she works, not even noticing it. John, who is the most disappointed man in the city, slowly strolls back to his apartment while holding in his tears. When he arrives, his face is buried in his bed for hours.

Long later, Tuesday morning rolls around, and he forces himself out of bed. He is not giving up hope on getting the woman he loves back. He takes the train to the airport, and tells a trained pilot exactly what he wants and at exactly what time he wants it. He leaves the airport after much discussion is made, and money paid. He then heads back to his lookout spot by Moody’s. At 8:26 A.M. up in the skies flies a small yellow airplane. Following it is a banner that reads, “Everyone deserves a second chance.” Once again, he watches as Claire enters the building without seeing it. In tears again, John strolls back home.

It is now Wednesday, and hope is running low. Today he sleeps in, but is later woken up by the annoyance of his cell phone ringing. On the line is John’s manager, Clay. “Where have you been? You’ve missed 3 shows and rehearsal all week.”

“I’m sorry,” says John. “Some things have come up.” This makes his mood even better than it already is. With all of these surprises for Claire, he begins running low on money, and not showing up for his job doesn’t help. But, he absolutely won’t give up. Today’s surprise will be found by Claire after work. She takes a cab to work, so John decided to leave her all of her favorite things on and around her car for her to see when she gets home. He goes to the store and buys: orange soda, sliced kiwi, chocolate kisses, and peanut butter. Also, he buys 2 dozen roses for her. At around 6:23 P.M., Claire arrives at home. On her car she sees one orange soda. She is not surprised by it, knowing that she lives in New York City... She throws it away prior to going inside. This whole time, John thinks she has seen all of this, so he is happy for the first time in a while. He can’t wait for tomorrow.

“Thursday is going to be a good day!” he says as he’s waking up. Today he is putting a message on the largest billboard in NYC. On it will read, “You are my one true love!” This billboard is right across the street from Moody’s, so John is positive that Claire will see it. He once again goes to his lookout to see her reaction. As she is walking from the cab she is occupied by her cell phone and doesn’t see it. John was upset, but he’s hoping she sees it sometime during the day. Disappointed again, he walks back home to prepare for the last surprise.

Today, Friday, will be his last attempt at getting his one true love back. He has done secret sneaky work with Claire’s boss, Adam, for this last surprise. So, he wakes up, puts on his best attire, picks up some flowers on the way, and heads to Moody’s. He arrives around 8:15 A.M.; Adam guides John to Claire’s office. John scatters the flowers he bought all over the room, and has a seat at her desk. It is now 8:28 A.M. and Claire walks in her office, turns the lights on, and sets down her things. When she stands back up, her chair slowly turns around. At her surprise, John is sitting in her chair. She begins to burst out in tears. There are many emotions flying through her office at this time. He stands up slowly, and walks to her. He grabs her tightly and whispers, “I miss my soul mate.” Claire is confused at this point and can’t think clearly. “Claire, I cannot go on living unless you are at my side every step of the way,” John says.

“Why, John? Why? I don’t deserve this.”

“You don’t deserve what babe?

“I don’t deserve being betrayed by you.”

“Listen,” he said. “What was one of the first things we ever talked about when we started dating?”

She replies, “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

“Exactly,” says John. “Even I deserve a second chance! Did you see anything that I’ve done for you this week? I got a blimp to put a message for you, also a plane, I decorated your car with all of your favorites, and I put a message for you on the largest billboard in town. And, after all that, all you saw was a decorated car?!”

“John,” she says in tears. “I saw everything. On the cab ride to work I saw the blimp and thought about you all day. Tuesday I sat in my office and watched as the plane passed by my window for 5 minutes. The only thing I accomplished all day was smearing my reports with tears. Wednesday I received a call from my neighbor, Rob, telling me that my car was covered with orange soda, kiwis, kisses, and roses. I was shocked that you remembered my favorite things. I told him to gather it all and take it inside his house. When I got home all that was there was an orange soda can that he must’ve missed while picking them up. I went and got it all from his house after work and starred at it while I bawled for hours.”

“But…,” he was interrupted.

“And the billboard, how could I miss that? I starred at it all day from my office and read it over and over again. You are my one true love. You are my one true love. You are my one true love. I’ve been thinking about you more than you would even believe,” Claire said.

“Me too,” replied John.

“Second Chance?” asked Claire. John began crying his eyes out.

“You do not understand how bad I’ve wanted to hear you say that! You are a part of me; I love you. I’ve missed you so much! Please be my wife again. Will you marry me again?” said John as he got down on one knee.

“YES!” shouted Claire. “If anyone deserves a second chance it’s you!”

They both were happier than ever in that moment. John hated to leave Claire’s side, but he knew that they both hadn’t accomplished much at work lately, so he let her get back to work. John went home with the biggest smile on his face. He called Clay and told him he’d be in the studio to record a new song in less than an hour. When arriving at the studio, he went straight to recording. Weeks later at a performance, this was his closing song. He dedicated it to his soon-to-be-wife-again, and he sang it with all his heart. Claire came onto the stage about halfway through the song, placed her hand in his, and sang with him. The song got the biggest applause John’s ever received. There wasn’t a dry eye throughout the whole audience. From this point on he knew that his career, family, and well-life-was just perfect!

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