My Heart

January 3, 2008
By kelsey hall, Macon, IL

Kelsey and Ben are in love. They have been dating for three months and everything is going great. They go through a lot together due to their three year age difference.

They are very happy together, and they feel like nothing can break them apart. Then, one day Ben breaks the news to Kelsey that he has cheated on her. She gets really hurt, and can not handle this. He tells her,” It will never happen again.” He tells her that he is sincerely sorry numerous amounts of times. Kelsey forgives him, and they are doing better as the months go by. Kelsey is infatuated with Ben and loves him very much, and is blind by love, she never brings out the bad in him.

Six months later, Ben gets mono. He is very sick for awhile, and then he gets better. Kelsey later gets mono and is very sick. While she’s sick, Ben, once again, confesses to her that he has cheated on her. Kelsey is so hurt and can not handle herself. She breaks up with him, but that did not last long. Ben finds a way to win her back, and they move on alone once again.

Months later, Ben is planning a trip to go to Las Vegas to see his best friend. Kelsey is happy for him, but at the same time is going to miss him. Kelsey asks Ben,” Will you please be the one to call me, because I don’t want to bother you.” She makes it clear that he does not need to worry about her.

Ben goes to Las Vegas. A week goes by and Kelsey has not heard a word from Ben. The whole time he was gone, Kelsey was back at home missing him a lot. Ben calls Kelsey two times the whole time he was gone. She was very hurt by this, because she never knew what he was doing, and she did not have his complete trust. Kelsey is so fed up and hurt by Ben; she decides to end the relationship for good. She feels like the eighteen moths she gave to him was a complete waste, if he can’t do such a simple thing as call her. “That’s not love,” she tells herself.

Ben gets back into town, and realizes what he has lost. He begins to beg for Kelsey day after day. She refuses and has to be so strong. It’s so hard for her to do this because she still loves him so much. But, she knows it is what is best, and what will save her hurt in the end. Ben tells Kelsey that he realizes he has done wrong, and he would do anything in the world to get he back. He says,” I live my life day by day, but it is nothing without you.” He also says that there is no girl in the universe out there that is more loving and perfect for him. But, Kelsey is protecting her heart, and does not want to get hurt anymore. She stands strong, and follows her heart.

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