Taylor and Drew

January 3, 2008
By Kristen Doyle, Blue Mound, IL

Once, there was a girl, Taylor, who liked a boy, Drew. They had been best friends since kindergarten, but they knew their fun was limited due to his fading chest pains. Many years later, he caught a glance at her sitting at a coffee shop; she acted like she was happy to see him, and started joking around with him, when she was really heart-broken. She wanted Drew to be her boyfriend, and not just her best friend, but he was dating another girl, Darcy. He would constantly talk about her, thinking it did not hurt Taylor at all because they were buddies. Taylor smiled and talked about it, but on the inside she was thinking that Darcy was prettier than her and that she had everything that Taylor wanted.

Every night Taylor would cry over Drew. She would search the night sky for a shooting star just so she could wish for her and Drew to be together. There was never a moment that she was not thinking of him.

The next day Drew and Darcy walked past her at the local supermarket. When he walked by Taylor, he doesn’t realize that it takes her breath away. As she watches him walk away with Darcy, she admires every flawless step that he takes. Then she looks at Darcy as she grabs his hand and thinks to herself that she better love Drew right and know that she is lucky to have been chosen by him.

Taylor drives home from the place they met; She goes straight upstairs and picks up a photograph that was sitting on her dresser next to her bed. It is of Drew and her on a porch swing. They looked picture perfect, and it was almost as if they were meant to be together… but then she fades back to reality and sets the photo down. She brushes her teeth, watches some television, and she says her prayers; She tries to stop thinking about him to get some sleep.

Drew passes Taylor again, two days later, she reluctantly smiles and waves at him, holding back tears; they go on with their normal day. Then she saw Drew and Darcy at a party that night. He was talking to her, when suddenly he hushes the crowd. He gets down on one knee and pulls a small black velvet box out of his pocket. Darcy instantly bursts into tears of happiness, as Taylor’s tears are of sadness. Drew proposes to Darcy, she accepts, and everyone cheered and congratulated the newlyweds. Darcy hushes the crowd yet again to announce that she has a little one on the way; now the crowd is twice as happy and Taylor is twice as sad.

She can not handle the pressure anymore; she leaves the party into the rainy weather, gets in her car, and writes a note. She places it in the glove box and speeds off into the night. She was hysterically crying and was listening to a sad song. She failed to see the sign that said there was construction on the bridge ahead and loose gravel, her car starts spinning out of control, and she plunges into the river; she was instantly killed from the impact. The next day the police pulled up her car from the river, and were confiscating everything out of it. They called drew and told him to go to the police station. When he got there the police told him the news and handed him the note they found in the glove box that had his name on it. He read the smudged wet note, and fell to his knees crying. He lost his best friend, and he had no idea how much she loved him; he felt guilt hitting him like a ton of bricks, because he thought it was his entire fault. Four days later, after the funeral service when everyone had left but him, he starts to have a deep chest pain. Darcy pulls up in her car and honks the horn, signaling him that she is ready to leave. He falls over dead next to Taylor’s grave, from being startled by the honk. His funeral service was Four days after Taylor’s.

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