Prayin’ For Daylight

January 3, 2008
By Amanda Loehr, Decatur, IL

Aubrey Livesey was always a tough, down-to-earth typical teenage girl. She always had her priorities straight and almost never questioned authority. But of course, she always pushed her parents’ buttons. Overall, she was a pretty good kid. Her good friend was Dalton Beesman. Dalton was basically a jock but he could be cool at times. The only time they got to see or talk to each other was at church. They both went to Christian United Methodist Church. But they were still close friends.

One summer day, Aubrey had to go on vacation to the Lake of the Ozarks with her family of five. Dalton had to go to a church picnic, so they texted back and forth. “Oh my gosh! It’s so boring here. Mom and Dad put me in charge of my brother and sister and left for a hike. I bet you are having way more fun than I am. What’s up?” asked Aubrey. “Wow, sounds fun, just kidding! Yeah, I’m basically bored too. Hey…ummm…if one of your close friends asked you to go out with them, what would you say?” replied Dalton. Aubrey thought for a little while then replied, “I guess it depends really. Who is it?” “It’s me. Will you go out with me?” he asked. “Wow! Yeah! Definitely! But are you serious about this?” she said. “Yeah, I’m sure,” he said with a laugh, “so it’s official then,” he said. “It sure is,” she replied.

So, after she returned from the Ozarks, they tried to spend as much time as they could together. They went to each other’s houses, hung out at the park, played basketball, and went to church. Aubrey just enjoyed being with Dalton. They even celebrated her birthday together. He gave her his favorite belonging, a giant coin from the Rocky Mountains National Park. She treasured it from then on. Every thing was right in the world. But, it was coming down to the last week of summer. “So, are you ready to go back and start a new year of school?” Dalton asked as they sat under a tree in the local park. “Yeah, I guess so but I’ll miss you. I’ll text you as much as I can, okay?” Aubrey replied. He nodded. They sat without talking for a few minutes. “I’ll miss you too,” he said. Then they both had to go home, so they hugged and parted ways.

The start of a new school year always brings about mixed feelings. Some people are excited and some people are nervous. But, it all depends on the person. Dalton was excited to go back and see his friends, but Aubrey was a little nervous. “You’ll be fine! You already know almost everyone at Harwood High. It’s a small community, you’ll fit in perfectly!” said her best friend Ashlyn. “Yeah, I know,” replied Aubrey as she livened up a bit. “Sophomore year, here I come!” she exclaimed as they entered the school. Meanwhile, “Dude, this is so sweet! We’re moving on up man!” exclaimed Dalton’s good friend Bryson. “Yeah, I know!” exclaimed Dalton, but deep down he was a little nervous. So, the school year began. Homework came and went, bells rang, projects piled up fast, and everyone was glad to be back.

The first couple of months went by fast. Dalton and his friends were hanging out at the park. “Wow, it is already midterm of the second quarter. It just goes to show that time flies when you are…having fun?” Bryson said with a laugh. “Oh yeah…” said Dalton. “So do you guys want to come over this weekend? It’s three long days of boredom anyways,” he asked. Everyone nodded in approval. “Okay then. It’s on! I’ll be sure to invite Aubrey,” he replied. So that weekend they had a party. It was just Dalton, Bryson, Aubrey, Amelia-Aubrey’s long time best friend that went to school with the guys, Dalton’s other friend Austin, and Dalton’s little sisters Kristen and Chelsea. All they did was sit around and talk and occasionally run around the neighborhood. But, Aubrey noticed that Dalton would disappear often or be texting someone all the time. She found it very suspicious, so she asked everyone about it when he disappeared again and the stories and rumors spilled out of all of them. Aubrey couldn’t believe her ears. Her thoughts raced, “Cheating? On me? Why? I don’t even know the other girl! This cannot be happening!” So, when he came back, she exclaimed, “You are such a liar!” as she ran away crying.

Moments past, no one said anything. Dalton sat in shock-dazed and confused-for several minutes. Suddenly, he said, “She found out? How?” Amelia said, “Because she had suspicions about it for a while and she finally asked about it so don’t play dumb because we all know too,” she said as she gestured around. “I can’t believe you would do that to her,” she said as she went after Aubrey. “Yeah, I just don’t get you sometimes,” said Kristen as she and Chelsea left. “Wow…” said Bryson and Austin as they went inside. So Dalton was left with just his thoughts, “So I guess it’s over then…but it can’t be!”

Over the next two weeks, Dalton tried calling Aubrey every day. But she would never pick up. Finally on the tenth day of trying, Aubrey answered. “Hello?” she said in a very depressing voice. “Aubrey? It’s Dalton. Will you just hear me out?” he replied. “Yeah, I guess so,” she said in a kind tone. “Okay, here it goes,” he said. So, over the next hour, Dalton explained everything; she simply listened. “So I didn’t ACTUALLY go out with anyone, she just thinks we did. Nothing happened. I love you,” he explained. “I love you too,” she replied. “But who is this girl?” “She’s a freshman who is obsessed with me, her name is Natalie,” he told her. “Okay, but just don’t do this ever again, promise?” Aubrey asked. “Promise. I knew you loved me as much as I love you. But, I never thought that you would leave. I swear I’ll make it up to you,” Dalton said. “Okay, you mean so much to me. Oh, I have to go. Bye,” Aubrey said. “Bye,” he replied.

The next morning, Aubrey called Amelia. “Hey, do you know a Natalie? Dalton told me that was her name,” she said. “Yeah, and you do too. You met her through me,” said Amelia, “she’s here at my house right now actually,” she said. “Okay, I’m coming over. Five minutes?” said Aubrey. “Five minutes, but wha-?” Amelia studdered. “I’ll give you the reason later, see you in a bit,” said Aubrey. “Okay,” replied Amelia. So Aubrey got dressed and ate, then started on her way. It was brisk so she walked fast. Moments later, she arrived at Amelia’s front door. They came out and Aubrey walked up, “Hey, so I heard that you went out with Dalton. Is it true?” Amelia got a weird look on her face. “Yeah, but it only lasted a couple weeks, he said that there was another girl that was special to him so we broke it off,” replied Natalie. “That other girl is me and he ripped my heart out,” said Aubrey. “Oh well if I knew it was you, I would have stayed with him,” replied Natalie. “Oh really? What is your problem?” Aubrey asked as she charged towards Natalie. “No! This isn’t going to happen,” said Amelia as she intervened. Suddenly, Aubrey’s phone rang. “Oh, I’m sorry, hold on. Hello?” she answered. “Hello is this Aubrey?” said the voice. “Yes it is. Who is this?” she replied. “Aubrey, this is Mr. Beesman. Dalton has been in a car accident and we request that you get here as soon as possible, okay?” the voice said. “Oh my gosh…yeah, I’ll be there as soon as I can, thank you,” Aubrey said as she hung up. “What is it?” asked Amelia. “I’ve got to get to the hospital-no time to explain- just get me there,” said Aubrey. So they got Amelia’s mother and left.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the emergency room. “Oh Aubrey…,” said Mrs. Beesman as she pulled her into a hug. “Thank you for bringing her,” said Mr. Beesman. “Don’t mention it,” replied Amelia’s mother. Moments later, the doctor came out. “Mr. and Mrs. Beesman!” he called. “Yes?” answered Mr. Beesman as he, Aubrey, and Mrs. Beesman approached. “Your son is in good condition. He broke his foot in three places but other than that he is recovering well. You may see him now,” said the doctor. “Are you ready?” asked Mr. Beesman as they went inside. Aubrey nodded. “He is right over there,” said the nurse. Mrs. Beesman nodded. “Do you want to go first or do you want us to?” she asked Aubrey. “I will,” she answered. So she stepped forward and opened the sliding door and went in. “Aubrey? Is that you?” Dalton asked. “Yes, it’s me,” she replied as she began to cry. “Come here. Please come closer. I was so scared, Aubrey, no words can describe it,” he said. “I know, I don’t know what I would have done,” she said as she walked up to him. “I love you,” they both said. Moments past by and it felt like an eternity. “Come on in Mr. and Mrs. Beesman,” she beckoned. So they came in and embraced each other. Nothing felt worse than that feeling and they knew that everything would be all right.

Dalton had to stay in the hospital for a couple days, just to recuperate. He received a foot cast and had to wear it for nine months. After the accident, everything changed. Dalton appreciated everyone’s help through his recovery. It meant a whole bunch to him. But, most of all, it helped him realize what was most important to him, and, to him anyways, that meant Aubrey. A couple days later, they went to the park. “So, how are you? This has been a pretty heart-wrenching experience for you, hasn’t it?” asked Dalton. “I’m okay. Yes, it has been, but it has been a worthwhile battle, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it,” Aubrey replied. They sat for a while, hand in hand, just listening to the life around them, and taking in the moment. “What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?” she asked. He thought for a second, then looked at her and said, “you are.” Her eyes glistened as she teared up, “ditto,” she whispered.

So life moved on. Fall came and went then winter moved in, then spring, then summer. Dalton and Aubrey stayed together through thick and thin and shared many good times. They brought out the best in each other. Neither of them ever spent another lonely night away from each other. They just looked to Heaven and remembered each other and imagined being with the other and that comforted them. Then morning came and everything was all right. They had each other and they had daylight to burn.

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